Turn10 no longer policing online racing

From what im seeing in the recent spike with crashers just running online lobbys in the past months is that turn10 no longer cares for this game and what players are doing to ruin it for the really good players who have been with the franchise since forza 2 or 3. the vote to kick system is broken, in forza4 it worked perfectly you could get 1-2 crashers out of the lobby within the time for the next track to start. Now crasher stay in lobbys for multiple races causing chos. Saving the replays are worthless because the guy your supposed to send the info to on this website (SNOWOWL) never gets on to empty his inbox so my PMs go thru. Tried contacting a different turn10 member (MECHBURG) about sending replays to him, you know he being the so called FORZA COMMUNITY MANAGER and all. Got no reply from him eather on this subject. So basically forza online has turned into the wild west anything goes with little to no consequences. I was in a good A class lobby with some of the top players and there are two guys going 10 mph around the track side by side swatting at every car that went by them for the whole race. This type of behavior is uncalled for but was anything done? NO seen the same two doing the same thing 2 days later so i just had to leave the lobby to avoid trying to dodge then for 3 laps. IF anyone know someone to report crashers to by all means help me out, im tired of being in a good lobby with top players and see them and myself crashed by someone going 10mph around the track waiting for people to go by so they can wreck them.


Thats is correct, they’re done policing online racing.
Marshal program and replay reviewing, with the precious help of snowowl…who I thank for all he has done btw, aren’t/weren’t enough unfortunately.

  1. Grievers have to be caught on the act to get a suspension, which means they’re almost never punished
  2. The suspensions are registered only on one account (1st time results in a 1 week suspension, 2nd time 1 month, 3rd time indefinitely or something like 20 years, lol). So basically they just have to log in with a new account to keep playing online and continue wrecking others. There’s no console or ip suspension/ban.

The team needs to be active all the time and we already know they won’t do it.
IF Turn 10 won’t introduce penalties in Forza 7 I won’t buy it, that’s for sure. I’m sick and tired of wasting my energy, time and money.

What penalties would be appropriate and time-saving for T10?
One or more laps behind the leader? Ghosting for the whole race.
Crash into someone at a certain speed? Ghosting + speed penalty.
Cut corners? Ghosting + speed penalty + time penalty on each lap.
Ramming? Vote to kick.

It’s not impossibile. AC, PCars, GT and certainly other games have a mix of these.

At least in Forza 4 we could vote to kick the wreckers out of the lobby and everyone could see it on the screen. Sometimes people were abusing it, even wreckers were trolling trying to kick innocent players, but it was still better than the way it is now: 50% of the players in the lobby must vote, but the number of votes isn’t tracked on the screen, nobody knows how to do it, nobody knows who’s being kicked because nobody has a freaking headset and nobody cares.

And what about the so called noobs, especially those coming from Horizon?
What if they introduce driving licenses required for both offline and online racing? Think about it. If you don’t have a specific driving license you can’t access a specific lobby online ===> noobs left out. Clean racing. Boom, problem solved.


Yeah this does make me quite mad. I’m quite hesitant about even getting Forza 6 again hearing this and the current state of online lobbies.

Forza 7 better step up on the whole ‘clean’ factor. It hasn’t been clean for awhile, that’s for sure.


i agree with you ACR i will probably not jump to buy the new forza untill i learn what they have improved on. i think they should implement a way to make cars that are about to go a lap down be ghost for the entire field and stay that way. this way if they want to go slow and wait to wreck the field they are auto ghosted a certain distance as the lead lap cars approach. this will not fix the crasher problem completely but it will make some situations better.