Turn Traffic Off!

For the drift zones we need traffic and drivatars to be ghosted or just off while doing a drift zone. It’s that simple. You can’t drift to the full extent of your skills with traffic and drivatars on. If you want to suggest drifting at night, then you’re not getting my point. My point is, have you seen a transit can driving through the middle of ebisu while an event is going on? No? Me either! How strange! Probably because the drivers need full use of the tarmac to get the most points.

An option to turn off traffic and drivatars while in private free roam/co-op campaign is all that most of the drift community wants. Can we have that please? It would make the game perfect for drifting.


Couldn’t agree more. I mostly do the leaderboard attempts in private freeroam but even then there’s a Ute or van which suddenly appears and I either have to swerve to the outside thereby losing focus and points or I slam into them ruining the skill chain I have going.

Some people might say that I should be more skilled and avoid them!

Drifting open road is a lot of fun when it’s a change from all the closed road / track drifting.

At the moment we don’t have a choice.

I really miss online drifting in FM4. We had rivals, points races and tandem lobbies. I’m not overly sad about not having points races in FH3 but I would love to see drift Rivals and tandem lobbies.