TURN Series announcements

For all your clean competitive racing needs TURN is the place for you so come on over get signed up and ready to race.


Clio cup action Catering for 2 time zones Tuesdays 8pm bst and Wednesdays 7pm est


The V8s are here Sundays 8pm bst


Expect another series announcement tomorrow

A bit delayed but another series is open

Masters BAC Mono TURN Masters Series -

Come and keep upto date with updates via twitter @TURN_Media

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GT LMP your thing then come get signed up for our next announcement.

Our next event/series will be up Saturday , hope you like endurance racing.

Registrations still open for all above events.

V8 Media day this Sunday

Ready for a endurance race ? Great November we will host the Nurburgring (behmoth) 12 hours.

N12 discussion thread has opened TURN N12 2015: Season 1 - GENERAL DISCUSSION -

The V8 Supercars series starts this Sunday , nearly 80 drivers have registered so if you want a challenge come race with some of the best forza drivers around.

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The Nurburgring 12 hour race threads are up


The V8 Supercar series kicks off tonight if your not taking part then stop by the twitch channel .

Events are truly in full swing at TURN want your fix of racing then come get signed up and race some of the best drivers the game has to offer.


For anyone interested TURN had a segment on downforce radio this week listen in from 61 mins onwards


The Virtual Endurance Championship starts January this will be full 6 hour to 24 hour races pitting GT and LMP in full simulation battles.
full VEC announcement is due soon and all will be revealed in the mean time come get involved in the community.


Hold your horses we have another event to announce stay tuned