Turn off treasure map?

Is there any way to turn off the treasure map? I regret buying it and I want to search for stuff instead. I tried uninstalling it but that doesn’t work. Any ideas?

You can go in the map and turn off what you don’t want to see. I

Unfortunately that takes the barn find circle away too. Bummer.

I’d be buying the treasure map if I could hide the exact location of the barn finds, as those are the ones I want to search for myself. Right now I think I’ll be buying it later on, once I’ve got all the barn finds.

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Hey, i bought treasure map on pc and i don’t know how to install it. Do you have any idea how to install it?

Yeah don’t think you can turn it off. Definitely too early to be buying treasure maps. I bought it in fh2 once all I had left to find was a bunch of bonus boards that was hard to track down. Buying it any sooner takes all the fun out of exploration, like in sure you have already realised.

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Fully agree with Shaunie, when you start the game don’t bother with the treasure map. If you want to consider it at least do it after you have found all barn finds and the majority of the treasure boards.

I bought the treasure map way too soon in FH2 as well. For FH3 I’m not using any spoiler info for barns or boards whatsoever. But barn finds are a bit too easy with the drone camera, I mixed then both - the old fashion way and the drone camera way if I was in a bad car to look around (100 PI D class anyone? ;p).