Turn off NASCAR cars as opponents in free race

Is there anyway to turn off the NASCAR cars as opponents or select different ones?

I’m sick of selecting a GT3/GT2 car and my entire grid filled with only one GT car and the rest NASCAR cars.

I’ve had this same issue as well and it is really odd, especially because I don’t own the Nascar expansion. I was driving the Rahal Letterman BMW against all Nascars.


Yeah I don’t own it either, it’s really annoying

In free play, change division from any to Modern GT racing. Problem? Solved!


You legend! Thank ya so much

Yeah I tried free race after a long time and I noticed all the freaking nascar cars. I don’t even own the expansion btw.

I love NASCAR, so that’s what I’ve been practicing with.
24 cars in the practice lobby is a lot better than Forza 4 was.
I skipped Forza 5.

It sure would be nice though if the lap times were reviewable in the replays.
I’ve only had Forza 6 since Christmas and I’m still trying to figure out all the “Menus”

A disable option would be nice. One or two every now and then wouldn’t be so bad but the over abundance is really annoying. :-/