Turn Off Damage

Is there a way to turn off damage in Forza 6? Didn’t Forza 5 have that feature where you can turn off damage.

In the Game Options, I selected the Collision Mode to Always Off but I still see damage to the car. This is in Free Play mode.

Thanks for any help!

You want to set damage in your assists to “cosmetic”. Click on the “Assists” tab when the race has loaded up, then set damage to “cosmetic” and the car won’t take any. The car will look like it’s damaged, but it has no effect on performance.

Thanks for your help but is there a way to make it so the car does not look damage if you hit another car or hit a wall? I would like the car to look brand new even if you hit another car or another car hit you or you hit a wall. LOL!

I know, maybe I am asking too much. I just want my car to look brand new no matter how many times other cars hit you. LOL!

Nope, not in this game - I often wouldn’t mind this for picture taking - the AI looks like its’ been through a war after 1st lap but not even a LB restore while in Photomode, Sorry.

I know this was an option in Horizon 2, but I’ve never seen this as an option in the regular Motorsport titles.

Thanks everyone!

That would be a nice feature to turn off the damage externally and internally.