Turn 10 why must I purchase the DLC (1964 chevy impala) in order to get WEST COAST GOLD achievement?

Why do I have to purchase a DLC car (1964 chevy impala) in order to complete the gamer score in game achievement “WEST COAST GOLD”? I have not purchased any DLC content for this game so why is it telling me I have to purchase it. I don’t think that’s fair. This is a regular in game achievement. I have been playing Forza since Forza 2 was introduced. I’ve played every Forza since. Can this be remedied?

It can be remedied… if u buy the car :slight_smile:

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Sorry if I am mistaking, first off.

I am guessing that Forza 5, like most of the games on Xbox, started with a gamerscore of 1 000. Later on, Turn 10 added 400 points to earn as a DLC (namely with Road America and Long Beach) and this achievment was part of it.

This is a guess, so feel free to rectifie me.

You’re correct. To get max Forza Rewards you don’t need this achievement/DLC combo, but if you’re ana… - er - hyper into 100% completion of a game’s achievements you do.

This is not a regular in game achievement. It is an achievement added via dlc.