Turn 10 Thru the pack

Turn 10,
The Thru the pack" achievement is not possible in a public lobby do to the odds of…

  1. Getting 24 cars in a lobby
  2. Getting 24 cars in the lobby that don’t wreck everything in sight.
  3. Getting 24 cars in the lobby and starting in the back.
  4. Not to mention the random stuff such as being good enough, or having a good enough car and so on.

My questions are: Is this going to be fixed? Is it cars or players for the achievement. Can it be done in a multiplayer private match?
It seems to me that this achievement is biased. You are making it so hard that some people who want to get 100% of the achievements will never be able to do so. And that is unfair.
Not being able to control those first 3 odds I listed makes it impossible.

There’s a 10 page thread on this already and it’s only a couple of threads below this one.

Although the achievement is a pain I just want to correct you:

It is possible.

  1. The odds of getting 24 cars in lobby are greater than zero.
  2. The odds of getting 24 cars in the lobby that don’t wreck everything in sight are greater than zero and even if that happens it does not mean the achievement is definitely impossible.
  3. Once you have 24 cars the odds of starting at the back are 4.1666%
  4. Random stuff is not an absolute.

Will it be fixed? Well is it broken or just hard and frustrating for some?

It must be done public.

Once again it is not impossible, just hard and luck based.

Is it ideal? Plenty say no. But it is possible.


I do think this achievement needs to be modified. It is difficult to find lobbies with 24 cars and even more difficult to be placed at the back of the pack. The requirements should be modified to simply start in last place and win the race. This removes at least some of the luck needed to have the chance to attempt this achievement.

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