Turn 10, Stay away from wheels or ask for help.

as a long time fan of the series, i’m overall generally pleased with your most recent installment of the Forza series. I also invest my time in much better and more unforgiving simulations such as Assetto Corsa, RRE, rFactor2, iRacing, etc. So I know I’m not crazy when I say this.

Remove wheel support from your games. If your gonna do it, do it right. This half assed, only works at 270 degrees bull crap is… well… bull crap. How is it that an INDIE DEVELOPER has produced one of the most realistic feeling simulators on the planet (Assetto Corsa), without paying for a monthly service fee. Complete, dynamic system that changes with the car you choose. Oh your driving the old Group A DTM E30, lets go ahead and automatically adjust the DOR to 540. Oh, whats that a Ferrari S340H? Auto adjust 270.

99 bucks for an ultimate edition of a game I used to love. But I’m older and I want a real feeling experience from my racing sims. You have had 15 years Turn 10. This is just sad.

My dad always said if your not going to do something right, don’t do it all.

I have tried on PC as well, I know its not the XBONE.

Remove Wheel support, or do it right.



Forza 7 is the best the wheel has been in any forza, sure there is much room for improvement but by no means should they remove it altogether, that’s just stupid.

Edit: PS 900 Degrees works fine, watch any of my yt videos they are pretty much all using 900DOR


I like to play Forza on a wheel, others like to play Forza on a wheel, but no just because you don’t like it let’s remove it from the game. Also 900 degrees works flawlessly for me. Another side note, Forza really isn’t a full-on sim like Assetto Corsa or any of the other game you mentioned, it falls between those games and arcade racers somewhere, so lower your standards a bit there chief.


I quite enjoy my wheel setup. It has taken a couple of iterations to get it dialed in. I am on a TM TS-XW. Yeah it is still a TM but a nicer more controllable TM. Spending time getting each variable right has paid off. I no longer lose my nose coming out of corners and have figured out the fastest exits. My line is way cleaner and as a hot-lapper its everything to me. I finally can move up in leagues while still going auto with a taste of TCS, no abs, no STM, no FA.

Direct drive is the next step. Is anything supported yet? I don’t think so, but one can hope that by the next release of FM8. Hope.

Turn10 rocks and their commitment to the wheel is obvious. I have raced since FM5 and think wheel support in FM7 is very good.

Remove wheel support because you don’t like it. M’kay


There’s a lot of problems with the wheel yes and there’s a lot of room for improvement but this is a massive jump from FM6. Things that need to be improved can be for FH4 and FM8. I have high hopes considering what we’ve seen so far.

Easy solution for you
Unplug your wheel and don’t use it
Why remove it for everyone just to please 1 person


Go back to FM5 with the wheel,then come back and tell me again how bad it is now!!! FM7 is the best wheel supported game of the series!!!

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Look at this:

Steering wheels with 900 degrees: OK.
Steering wheels with 240 degrees: Bad.

270 degrees?

You mean the interior animation that is not completely synced with your physical wheel?

I think you need to do some research.

I have many issues with Turn 10 and Forza in general, and wheel support is not where it should be, but it’s pretty good, best in series as others have said, and enjoyable.

I’m older too. I’ve had to reset my expectations of Forza over the last few years and FM7 is possibly where the biggest reset of expectations has occurred. I did not believe that would have been possible following FM5 and FM6, but here we are.


No, i’m talking about the developer literally came out and said that in order for wheels to work properly its best to leave the DOR at 270.
My wheel max’s out at 900 DOR.
I also use the Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro Pedals and The TH8A shifter.
I’m also almost 30, and I’ve reset my expectations with Forza time and time again since their Peak at Forza 4, which IMO, will never be overcome. That was their Magnum Opus.
I admit i was a bit feisty and testy with my post yesterday. I keep trying and trying and trying. I have never had to adjust so many settings for wheel support. And I play some really crappy, indie games.
Visually however, the cockpit hand/wheel not matching your individual setup does kinda of throw me off at times, but only when i’m drifting.
My biggest gripe is feint corner braking. Some of the cars should have some better physics and should be able to be driven a lot faster and harder than what the game allows. When I’m coming into a small 30 degree turn (think the end of the back strait at Suzuka; small, high speed left). You should be able to get most of your baking done before the turn, and just trail off the brake while hitting the apex, then hitting the gas. But even with Forza 7, if you touch the brake, even the slightest hair while turning, it will start spinning you out.

Like i said, I was wrong in my post yesterday, just a bit testy and irritated that I waited the few hours for Forza 7 to download on my PC (which saves your profile progress btw, for those who may be worried they have to start a whole new career, it pulls right from your Xbone Save), just to expect the wheel to feel any better. And if you have played Project Cars on PC and Xbone, you’ll know what I mean. The wheel feels totally different between the two.

Just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean that everyone should miss out or whatever.



At what point did the developers say in order for the wheel to work to leave it at 270? Because I can personally say 900 works fine. Also I don’t seem to have the same trail braking issue, for me if i brake a little too hard I plow thru the corner, but can’t say its ever spun me out.

Um No. My wheel works just fine. I for one can’t drive these cars with a game pad.

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I think he wants soft lock added to the game.

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Reminds me of the wise words my Father used to say. “If I wanted your opinion, I would have beat it out of you”.

i also have it @900° on my G29 but i have to put the steering linerarity or whatever it is called to 45 instead of the default 50, to get a) a sync wheel movment with my wheel and the screen, leaving it @default makes the ingame-wheel turn faster than my actual steering and b) it’s lot better to drive the street-cars with a bit wider steering-range, the steering range is somhow low and tendency to oversteer is pretty high on FM7. i played almost all racing-simulations on the market, so i don’t think they all got it wrong and fm7 right. but that’s also more of a physics-issue. but it all connects together at the end.

But seeing FM-franchise coming purley from controller-based consoles are, it’ll probably take some time for r&d or like OP said, they simply BUY KnowHow. Obviously, M$ has countlesss money lol ^^

Trailbrake, yes. After jumping from plastic-toy pedals of the DFGT to better G29 pedals, which are obviously better in any way, i still feel trail-braking is hard in many cars. it got much better, coz of the brakes being way way better then the ones on the dfgt, but still, slight (trail)braking on the corner can cause an immediate spin.

You do realize that in real life in a real car, trail braking too heavily will cause you to spin right? Trail braking keeps the back end of the car light reducing the available traction of the rear tires, and loads the front tires increasing their available traction, so the rear tires will almost always loose traction first. Go try it in your real car sometime, it is actually pretty fun.

If you brake way too much it will cause understeer, but just enough trail braking will cause a very similar situation as lift off oversteer.

You could always tune your car to avoid this by reducing rear brake bias, or if you think your brakes are too sensitive there is a tuning option for that or you could just adjust your dead zones.

i think it’s a combination of ‘trail-braking’ and ’ fast cornering’ with ‘high steering angle’. i feel like the more i steer the more likely the trail-brake will fail. fm7 really likes me brake on the straight, have the steering wheel being centered as much possible and likes to punish me for ‘oversteering’ and ‘trail-braking’… after driving now 7.000km with fm7 :slight_smile:

A quick wheel search here establishes the fact that the wheel (Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech, etc) in general works better in FM7 than past editions. I’ve been using Fanatec equipment for the past 10 years on various racing titles and obviously some do a much better job of allowing the user to tune in the feel their looking for but FM7 is a huge improvement for wheel users. Your wheel set up sounds sweet there must be something else going on that’s preventing you from experiencing better results. There’s some fantastic wheel setting suggestions and advice here on the forum. I surely wouldn’t give up the pursuit to dial in your desired wheel performance. Plenty of thrustmaster guy’s on here willing to help just ask.

Yeah… my wheel feels great in FM7.


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