Turn 10 select paints

How does a paint design become a turn 10 select? If it’s by the way of a competition where are they? I can only find the Mobil 1 comp and I’ve seen a few designs that have nothing to do with it getting selected as T10 picks recently.

Also what’s with the Turn 10 staff designs still hogging this area. I’d love to see the back of them floral designs etc now the games been out a few months. Give someone else a spot!

There’s a weekly livery contest run by T10 (HeliosT10 or LV T10) which you will find in the Community Events thread under the News and Events heading. If your livery gets selected by T10 as one of the winners, you livery gets featured in game for the following week.

Thanks bud. I shall head over there and have a look.

If you enter a livery competition and it’s chosen as a ‘winner’ it will show indefinitely as a T10 pick for the chosen vehicle.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I’m diggin’ all those Gumball replicas. Very cool

Or until it decides to unshare itself…

I’d just like the option to un-share a couple of my designs or at least get control over them again by downloading them. I stupidly just assumed FM6 would be the same as 5 and we could just download our own design and get control of it again after editing them.

This is not the case and yet again another very handy & quite simple feature has disappeared from the franchise. I think this is why people get so mad about the introduction of these prize spins and mods etc. Most of us just want the old features back.

Have you PMed LV or Helios about the design unsharing?

Every time I’ve ever PMd a mod I’ve either been completely ignored or referred to some email address with a generic automated response.
I’ve given up on the system to be honest.

That’s really unfortunate. Maybe resubmitting it to the contest to win again? They don’t see the designed as featured anyway, they probably won’t notice.