Turn 10, please help me!

Turn 10…

I was supposed to get the Day One car pack and I still havnt recieved it. A rep told me seveeral weeks ago that they will eventually come, but now it’s been two months. Any chance I could get my cars? I got the message on my Forza Message System saying that I got the cars… but they never showed up.

Help! Thanks!

Have you checked to see if the cars are available in the “Buy Cars” menu?

It sounds like you bought the digital download edition of FM5 and were to receive the Day One pack code. In this thread, other users reported getting a message about that on January 24:

If you were one of that group, you should have received an email to your email address tied to your Xbox Live account. The email contained a code that you would need to enter in the Xbox One dashboard in order to install the Day One pack. From there, the cars would be available to Buy or Rent. After using the code, you should also see the pack listed when you select Manage Game on the dashboard, and could uninstall and reinstall the pack to trigger the cars to show up in your game.

I don’t believe the Day One cars were ever gifted to players, but just in case, go to your Message Center, bumper right to the Gifts section, and press A on any gift message you have there in order to download the gift to your gamesave.

You nailed it! Thanks man!