Turn 10 please at least consider some of these features going forward

First off, I think all the new features added to Forza 7 look good and the game looks amazing. I realize this year’s focus was to show off the new console and push the game graphically but I hope going forward Turn 10 will add or at least consider some features in the future that us diehard racers have been asking for a long time and some maybe you haven’t heard about as much but came straight from experienced drivers who race in the trenches known as public lobbies all the time. I am sure some of the diehards have more good ideas but here are the ones I wanted to share and my hope is someone from Turn 10 is listening. 1. Take surveys from higher level drivers( say 500+ or 1000+) and get ideas and feedback from some experienced drivers instead of casual ones who quit after first week. Try to get a little more feedback from the players who play your game religiously instead of casual players who ask for things we don’t need. 2. In game clubs with club features such as club garages, club rivals, club tunes, etc. We have all these famous racing clubs and little clubs too and no features for them! 3. Better PI balancing, too many one car leads half of leaderboards. We are getting 700 cars but people only race a couple cars. We need to find a way to make it more competitive car wise. 4. Less variants and more whole tracks. So many tracks we are missing cause we have too many variants. 5. Fix the corner cutting. We need more than dirty time penalty, they will still cut because they get the win regardless. 6. Joinable custom lobbies. 7. Better sorting features for cars, tunes, paints. 8. Favorite car and maybe tune for each track feature. 9. Only cars dlc, not the tracks, nobody got to enjoy the new tracks in public lobbies in forza 6. 10. Better rotation of tracks in public lobbies 11. If player is a lap down make him ghost so he can’t wreck leaders. 12. Better vote to kick option 13. Tune in lobby feature 14. Finally if don’t do 11, 12, or 6, or find a better way to get rid of wreckers, make more ghost lobbies( I feel like this option isn’t as good because being ghosted feels more like hotlap than actual racing. ) Sorry for such a long list and the rants but I feel like we are missing out on so many features year after year that we keep asking for and it seems like it’s on deaf ears sometimes or maybe us diehards just get drowned out by the casual players and don’t get heard by
Turn 10.

This needs to be broken into paragraphs to be legible:

  1. I don’t think this has happened or will happen.

  2. No news about this yet.

  3. No confirmation yet, but the PI system looks very similar to previous games from what I have seen.

  4. 30 environments, 200 ribbons.

  5. Apparently, time penalties are coming to Multiplayer lobbies.

  6. Not happening.

  7. No news about this yet.

  8. No news about this yet.

  9. I agree, but we likely won’t know about this until March/April 2018.

  10. No news about this until release.

  11. No news about this yet.

  12. No news about this yet.

  13. Confirmed.

  14. No news about this yet.

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