Turn 10 & PG, please enjoy this credit from me

While these forums are plagued with man babies about loyalty, I would like to personally say that you guys have done a wonderful job with the game and thank you. While it has been a very minor rough start, my experience has been virtually seamless.

So with all of the hate, and complaining going on about what’s wrong, I thought you guys should be recognized for everything you’ve gotten right. The game is fun, and beautiful, so thanks again!



no they did a horrible job i have the 360 version and they took out wheater wheelspins tuning i didnt get my free cars either

You actually have such a hard life, how will you survive?


Honestly the 360 complaining is ridiculous, everyone should of known that it was going to be the first game with a new map and new cars. You’re playing on a console that’s almost a decade old, it’s been pushed to its limits. As for free cars, no one has gotten their rewards cars yet so chill.


You all are entitled to you opinions in the threads good or bad as long as it follows the rules. Please don’t come in here and try to derail the thread.

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I agree with you, it hasn’t been the best release but the game is probably one of the best racing games I have played I think PG did a great job on this title.

Thoroughly enjoying it here. It has everything I enjoyed about FH but with features I greatly missed from Forza. The game is beautiful and plays just fine (online aside).

Way too much complaining over free stuff (rewards), people need to lighten up. I too paid for the Ultimate Edition, I can still enjoy the game, the other stuff will come.

Thank you PG and T10 for another game I will spend countless hours enjoying.

FH2 for the Xbox 360 is even more stripped down than FM5 is.

For one, FM5 is using a totally different engine, one that the 360 couldn’t handle and two, both versions of Horizon 2 are using different engines, One from FM% and 360 from Horizon 1, and also both were made by two different developers so PG was not involved in the 360 title. As for the difference in cars, the cars on the One were built for engine used by PG/T10 so of course they wouldn’t translate to the 360, hence why the 360 version got different cars than the One, all due to the engines being used for the game.
It’s not because they deliberately stripped the game down as many people have said before, its because of the fact that theres only so much performance wise that the 360 can handle versus the One, but at least they offered a version of Horizon 2 to those who haven’t transitioned to the One yet, so I wouldn’t complain…yes its not as pretty nor does it have the balance that the One has, but at least theres something in the mean time for those who can’t upgrade yet.

Features like wheel spin, paint options, online features, DLC, VIP… stuff that doesn’t impact much on console capacity, nor game engine, nor different developping studios… FH2 360 is lacking compared to FH1. That’s exactly what I meant by stripped down.

There’s already a XB1 vs 360 version differences thread and then there’s another thread with 360 stuff, why do people bring the omissions in threads which arent even related to the title?