Turn 10 needs to fix the syncing system. LOST ALL DATA!

I know i can see lots of threads all about this issue but it is such a frustration that i cant seem to understand why A: they havnt fixed it. Or B: they havnt at least tried to compensate victims of the issue. But the simple fact is like everyone else it synced and i dropped my controller like half way through and it cancelled the sync. I go back in the game after immediately closing it and it asked me local save or cloud save so knowing previously of this issue i went with the cloud save, and guess what…it failed of course so i hit retry to where it almost instantly synced and it loaded a blank save. Ive tried hard reset and deleting local save data and all that stuff but nothing works. I didnt start a new game yet so i know it hasnt been overwritten cause there is nothing that could have overwritten it. So what i would like to know is how in the heck does updating the game or whatever they just did delete a cloud save just out of the blue. Just poof gone. Not to mention putting in the time to get even close to back to where i was would be so dumb. Like come on guys back your people up and fix it. All i know is if stuff like this keeps happening, the Forza franchise and turn 10 are gonna have a really bad reputations for stuff like this.

Dude, at least you can get into your game… mine keeps freezing at the loading screen. I have a topic on this actually. I agree with you though, something needs to be done, we didn’t pay (upwards) of hundreds of dollars to get locked out or our save games vanished.

Dang thats rough. Yeah i can start a new game if i wanted to but honestly whats the point. Ill never be able to do things the same as i did it. Like all the saved times and the tuned cars like there is no possible way to remember all that info. Like for everyone that this has happened to its not even worth playing the game anymore, cause the entire time i play ill be thinking. Hey remember the time i had all that cool stuff. Oh yeah thats right i got screwed over by a cloud save error. Then just shut the game off. Honestly all motivation to play the game is gone, just like my save game poof. Like unless t10 actually start making noticable efforts towards fixing errors instead of trying to cram more cars into the game. Then im kinda done. Dont get me wrong im sure they got people looking into it but all things considered its still kindof crazy how not one single person has been dealt with in the matter. Although i have to laugh how simply pressing a button over a cancel button breaks entire games. And although right now i seem to fit into this category i have no problems saying that they should make systems like that a little more idiot proof.

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yeah i agree!!! im in the same boat with the sync issue and its a. JOKE!!! Turn 10 needs to fix this issue. At least EA will tell you they are working on a fix.

Perhaps it’s your internet.

The system on Forza game takes a VERY, VERY, LONG time to sync because the file sizes are really quite massive compared to the typical game file size. The system was designed to work with primarily small files (<20 MB) yet Forza game saves regularly run as high as 200 MB.

I had my entire console replaced recently and had no issues syncing my game save. I installed FH2. I booted it up, it began syncing and I let it do its thing until it was done. Sure, it took 5 hours but I didn’t touch it, I didn’t quit the sync, I didn’t go do something else on the console and my game save synchronized without problem.

Most of the time I see these threads it is because people are impatient and they cancel the sync or they multi task on the console which cancels the sync due to resources being used elsewhere.

You dropped the controller. The game can take hours to sync, why were you just sitting there holding the controller? If the game takes just a few minutes to sync then you must not have a very large game save (or you’ve recently synced it) though in any case, you sound like you know of these issues. Knowing what we know, I would always take every precaution I need to to make sure my game save does not get lost. These precautions might be to, I don’t know, set the controller down on a flat surface, somewhere where it won’t drop, fall, have someone touch a button on accident, have a dog or cat or small child run on it, or the likes.

Unfortunately, your game data was lost due to something you did. As sad as it may be, it’s your own fault and not anything in particualr that Turn10 or Microsoft did. Sorry but they probably won’t do anything for you there.

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It is true what you both say, but not everyone has sufficient internet-power to upload 200mb in short time. Most people quit the game or shut the console immediately down after saving. That is the big thing.

The console uploads every savegame after quitting the game and what most people do is to shut the console down which is the big mistake! Therefore the console has no time to upload the save to the cloud. When you restart your console after a while, there is not later upload!

Just think about this useless system: Which console-player quits the game and wait until he believe the savegame is uploaded? There is no sign or loading bar for the people to see if the savegame was uploaded or not. How do you know that it was fully uploaded or not? One can say: You can’t!

A simple calculation: With an usual internet-connection of ADSL2+ with upload-speed of 1 Mbit/s for 8mb you need 1min 4sec, for 200mb you need 26min 40sec.

Another calculation with less internet-speed, which prevails in many households, I will spare you in this moment…

The question here: Do you want to wait half a hour or longer every time after you play forza 6 or horizon 2 just to get sure that your savegame was uploaded? Are that these kind of advantages of the new console-generation?