Turn 10 i need your help regarding my Forza 5 Driver Level and Garage has been reset!!!

I had to re-sync my Saved game data and when i did all my progress was lost!! I contacted Xbox customer support. Customer support had me troubletroubleshoot the issue but failed to fix the issue … They recommend contacting Turn 10 for a solution. Please turn 10 i need your help!

Contact Turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com

Good luck!

Good luck with that. I haven’t heard a thing from my reported ‘sync reset’ - so it seems we’re on our own.
I read this is happening to more and more people - and has been for months - and other than T10 ‘still checking into it’ I’ve not heard of any resolution or recompense being offered.

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In the Same boat here too happened to me about a month ago sent email to turn 10 no response or help either was level 1049 and over 34 million credit had to restart all over now level 132 lol !!!

my season medals progress on the achievement bar was reset and I have 161 golds but no chevo how do I fix this?