Turn 10, can we please have the "Carlton dance" emote back?

He lost the court case. Can we please have it back now? I won the emote in a spin and used it all the time until they took it out.

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Let it go


It’s going to be a while.

Crying about not being able to do ridiculous dances in a racing game. A sign that you’re attracting the wrong people to your game Playground. Honestly just buy dance dance revolution or something. This is becoming beyond ridiculous.




Or the right people :wink:

I do miss my victory carlton…


So someone asking if a dance move can make a return because the he lost court case is being ridiculous? Writing it on a FORUM made for this game is ridiculous? He wasn’t even complaining, he just asked a question. So why with the little breakdown?

Exactly how is he the “wrong people”? I’m curious what your criteria is on who is and isn’t acceptable to play this game.

A car lover should have to switch to DDR because he asked if a dance move would come back? THAT’S ridiculous.

This kind of behavior makes this place toxic and unwelcoming to new members.


And being that continuously bitter about some harmless emotes being in a racing game is a sure sign that you’re holding the stick incorrectly.


I totally agree. I do not like the ‘in your face’ celebrations after the race. No need for them (or the clothes either).

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I want the Carlton back, and I want to be able to get out of my car, and all the people at Edinburgh castle join in with me… Ace!!!

They definitely should bring it back.

But only make it available via wheelspin.

In fact, make it the ONLY thing available by wheelspin. Too many cars and credits show up on the wheelspins as it is, if you get rid of them there are so many more chances to win that plain white T-shirt and pink jacket that you’ve been hunting for months.

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Shhhh my last two wins on the wheelspins were some purple tights, and a purple skirt to match… I’m a guy! Don’t encourage them.

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Does Turn 10 even have a say in the matter, or is it all on Playground Games?

I don’t really mind the Emotes, they are more than a bit Cringey at Times, but some of them are alright, and, well, I wouldn’t mind the Carlton coming back, as I was a massive “Fresh Prince” fan back in the Day, but, at the same time, I wouldn’t mind if they all got taken out. They are a Nice Bonus and nothing more, so I don’t care if they are in the Game or not, they don’t matter.

However, I do understand the Anger and Bitterness about Emotes being put into Wheelspins, as all the Clothes, Horns and Emotes cause the Wheelspins to become very devalued as they make it harder to get Cars and Money, it is Very annoying indeed when there is a 10,000,000 CR Auto Union sandwiched between a “Dab” Emote and a “Chicken Dance” Emote and the Game clicks to a stop on the Dab.

But, to really understand the Bitterness and Anger of Some Members of the Community towards the idea of Emotes being in a Racing Game, one needs only to Remember a little Quote from a Certain Movie.

“its not about how You stand by Your Car” .

Emotes, although a nice Bonus, are also Superfluous, because they are not related to the actual Racing, and are taking up HDD Storage Space that, indeed, could be used for More Cars and/or Better Exhaust Sounds! So I more than understand the Bitterness, even if I don’t, personally, care if Emotes are in the Game or not.

If they weren’t there, it’d be sandwiched between two 1000 CR “rewards”, which would be an even more insulting alternative.

A false equivalence. If they weren’t there, we wouldn’t have more cars and better exhaust sounds, we’d just have a slightly smaller game with people searching out other scapegoats for their pet peeves.


I would actually prefer the 1000 CR reward or no credit reward at all to these.

Not false at all. The fact is, this stuff is taking up space that could be used for something else, whether in this game, or other games, on the HD.


Sunshine and rainbows if you please.


Sorry Hieronymus. I have edited out the Nastiest part of My Post.

Its up to the individual player if they like the dances or clothing in this game, I personally like them and I used the carlton when it was there and would like it back, there is no need for people to get in to a fight over it and certainly no need for people to say if we like such content we shouldn’t play racing games, we can enjoy our racing as well as other content in the game if we chose just someone can chose not to like them.

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One issue here. For those of us who do not like the clothes and dancing, how do we play the game without using these items or having to see these things in the game when used by others? We may not like this stuff, but have no choice as it is forced in to the game.

How nice it would be to have an ignore option, such as we do to ignore the liveries on competitor’s cars… Perhaps an intro scene as well as race finish scene that does not contain these items. It would also be nice it we could choose the NO option for emote or the ability to not have to choose a character along with an outfit for our selves.

These two issues, along with not being able to set all music as well as the in game character chatter to level 0 has all but ruined my experience with the game.