Turn 10 and their lack of responding to forza fans

i have sent 5 different messages to 5 different turn 10 moderators and not a one of them have responded to my messages. i know they are busy sometimes but they are on these forums everyday. they could show some appreciation to us fans and take 2 mins out of there busy day to answer our questions. they need to remember that if it wasnt for the fans they would not have a job. i guess this is why the forza series is dying slowly and continue to die. sincerely a faithful (???) forza fan

Moderators do not work for Turn 10. You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com.

thank you for responding, but i have been trying that email address for over a year now and have got no reply what so ever. im beginning to think that is a fake email address. i have even messaged Brian Eckhart aka mechberg personnally by private msg and on xbox one. he wont even respond or reply. so whats going on do they ignore people on purpose??

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i just have a general question before i spend a bunch more money that might be wasted.

  1. What’s your question?
  2. How many people a day do you think send messages to Turn 10 staff?

#2 first) im sure alot. but after a year you think could of answered just about everybody.

now my main question. i want to preorder forza horizon 2, but i was banned from horizon 1 because of a jerk friend. if i get and try to play horizon 2 will i start off banned or will i be starting fresh not banned with a new game?? thats all i wanted to know before i preorder it. thank you very much for your help.

If there is any justice in this world, anyone previously banned from a Forza title would never be able to connect to a Forza server again. Personally, I’d like to also see the milk in their refrigerator go bad and them lose both their wallet and keys. Repeatedly.

Sadly, I do not get to make these decisions and in all probability you will be able to start Forza Horizon 2 along with the rest of us.

Have a nice day!


thank you very much sir. thats great news bc i bought all dlc and collectors edition of forza horizon to find out i cant complete it which sucks. its been almost 2 years now. but it makes a nice paper weight. lol. i appreciate your response and honesty. btw its the first game i have ever been banned from bc i dont cheat myself, it takes all the fun out of playing the game and enjoying it.

Hello: Thanx for finally explaining what my crime to turn 10 was… Im sorry I am not so xbox and computer savey it took me till the 3rd ban just to figure out what I had done… I have looked thru my vinyl’s and removed any thing that would / might offend . Please have a look and message me on the forza messages … or at[Mod edit - WSD - No external emails addresses] … can u please check my stuff again and tell me if I have corrected the situation??? thanx, boozer II on forza 4

I got banned for 7 days once for putting Pot leaves on a VW bug on FH1 storefront…now I get banned till march On FH2 Storefront for making a “Protest Buggy” these “EGGHEADS” “Get Offended” it did not use profanity or anything lude in any shape form or fashion. My decals stated the following : “We want Tuning!” “Freeroam on This Game = Lame!” I was protesting what is The Truth about FH2 on 360 And I Believe in Freedom of Speech. But these “CheeseHeads” DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH to be protested about something they know to be FACT!
I feel like the Forza world is like the Vietnam Era where We try to protest about something we feel is Fact they shut us down! I was being clean
About My protest. Theyknow Full well We want Tuning…and DO NOT CARE! Im a huge VW fan and in this version on 360 I cant even do a simple engine swap on this version which makes me very mad…My family and I are very very Law savvy, if they ban me for telling the truth I will Sue. We study from the “Blacks Law Dictionary” in one of the pages of this book states that having “A Lawyer” is saying that you are incompitant and cant Represent Yourself. I Represented myself during My Divorce and the Judge and no choice but to grant my Divorce,
My Dads friend is a Perilegal, He wrote my My case in such a way that the Judge Was baffled…The Judge made My ex-wife and I last because we Represented ourselves with No Lawyer…I know the law outside of Gaming…but In games there are rules selfishly appointed in the favor of the creators…in print so small that the suspected gamermay have no clue about…I want tuning unlocked and open for FH2! Please open your clouded selfish minded Brains and Listen to the Gamers please??? Its not fair to me and many others that DO NOT WANNA WASTE OUR money on an Overpriced and Overated Xbox-1 to ebjoy what has not been given to us from the Start.


You were banned for a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, not a “protest buggy.”

The Code prohibits, but not limited to:
C. Communications & User Created Content
Do not create a Gamertag, profile content, Avatar content, in-game content, videos, or any other content that other users may be offended by. This includes, without limitation, anything related to or suggestive of:
Profane words or phrases
Topics or content of a sexual nature
Hate speech
Illegal drugs or controlled substances
Illegal activities
Controversial religious topics
Notorious people or organizations
Sensitive current or historical events
Any “sound-alike” or “lookalike” words, phrases, or puns that reference these topics"

There is “freedom of speech” in the Forza games, within the regulations as set forth by the Code of Conduct. It is the Xbox Live rules which govern in the games - all games - no matter the country, your location or personal preferences.