Turn 10 and Playground wake up. Time to change

Hello out there I’m still a fan of forza. I have followed the entry and say the following. I have been playing Forza since the beginning of FM1-6 and Horizon 1-3. We have built the franchise with the community. The first parts were great and every development a step in the right direction. Since FM 5 this is no longer the case. One has more and more focused on its own goals. This will be acknowledged at some point. Do not get me wrong I’ve started again with Horizon 3 because I thought it would look what next DLC so comes. But what came was bad in both parts. Hotwheels your serious? Not a patch since the release. What about fully animated dashboards. Oil and tire wear? Animated box stops? Qualify or race weekend? Race with more than 2-3 laps in the career so adjustable? Right racing cars? Why do your designs look sharper than ours? Why do not we have the same tools? The bugs annoy? Sony makes a lot of work with GT Sports. Look at the textures and racing cars it is a dream. You can turn on lights and focus on proper racing. Just like Project Cars. I’m waiting for the presentation of Scorpio. This time I’ll think about giving Forza a chance. Would be GT Sports out there would be hard.

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Whatever you’re on, can I have some?


Um, there have been several patches since release. The dashboards are animated and there is tire wear as well. Race with more than 2-3 laps in the career and adjust it? Yep, got that too. Right racing cars? What exactly are you referring to? There are plenty in Horizon and many of the forumites think they don’t belong.

Go ahead and give GT Sports a try, have fun with your 20+ Skylines all of the same model and year.


Speaking of GT Sport, not to mention that 5 of those Sylines will have interior view from all the cars in the game…

Horizon 3 is not meant to be compared to dedicated Racing Circuit games. I do hope Forza Motorsport 7 has more options and features that make it more of a motorsport game. We will find out soon. What has brought me back to Forza and always will bring me back, is the driving physics of all Forza titles. No other driving game feels like Forza. They come close but not as good, in my opinion. All the rest of the details that could be better don’t stop me from enjoying Horizon or the Motorsports titles.

I don’t care how good a game looks if the driving is terrible. Graphics don’t make a driving game good. Driving physics makes a driving game good.

Horizon 3 paint editor, tuning garage and Blueprint race editor keep me playing every day. Forzathon is by far one of the best innovations t10 has given us. There is always something to do.


Horizon’s fine and very good at what it does.

Motorsport I have some concerns about, but you can find my recent posts on that elsewhere. Your comments are more to do with Motorsport than Horizon, so I think you’re in the wrong sub-forum…


After reading your entire thread (and believe me, it was difficult. You should spread your post into paragraphs, otherwise you are lucky if people read more than the first and last lines), I’m still unsure what Turn 10 needs to wake up from.

Just some points to riddle off, I really do not want to spend too much time here as I’m sure this inevitable cesspool will be locked.

-The game has had a ton of patches since release. Not daily by any means, but a lot of significant updates, some even adding content.

-Your unspecified (“are you serious”) opinion about the Hot Wheels pack is worth absolutely nothing to the large portion of the community that enjoys it and the fact that it sold well either. If you are going to rag on it, state your case, or don’t assume your might is always right.

-You can adjust the amount of laps

-There is tire wear

However many hours you have in the game many of us actually do enjoy, I’m sure it’s not enough, as you clearly have not looked too far into it.


GT Sports only barely matches up to what Forza 5 delivered in 2013. If Turn 10 has a competitor to be worrying about, it’s Project Cars 2.

But of course, none of these games are relevant in a comparison to Forza Horizon 3, a pseudo-sim open-world racer which to the best of my knowledge still has no true competitor.


It’s interesting you mentioned F5 - to date, that is probably the finest product they have ever released solely from a quality and technical achievement point of view. I have never seen a FM game that looked so gorgeous, felt so realistic to drive and sounded practically as bonkers good as the real thing. Bravo to T10 - I hope they can build on the strengths of FM5 in 7.


You can’t compare the Horizon series to Gran Turismo.

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Game good Game fine getting rid of the 3 star system priceless is the only problem I have with the game That is what the Leader Boards are for, And if you want more realism turn all assists of and set stering to simulation and damage to on. Please note all cars are fitted with the latest and greatest in run flat technology.

This is why opinions are just opinions. It’s ironic that you enjoy FM5 so much. It’s the only game from the series that I don’t have mainly because the majority of users say it is so horrible. Maybe I will give it a try…

OP you have no clue what you’re talking about. Oil and tire wear? Qualifying and race weekends all in Horizon? Seriously. The most recent Forza games all have animated dashes. The only downside to me at least and it’s minor, is that the odometers don’t work and give you lifetime miles in a car. That would be sweet. The FM series does give you things like fuel and tire wear. You just need to enable those things in your lobby where you can you know change car division, track, number of laps, all these things. In a way I’m glad normal career mode in FM does not have race weekends. That’s more of a season play thing. If I want to play that style I would run F1 because race weekends belong in that game.


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People will say what they want, what they think. You ought to form your own opinions like I did. You’re missing out on a masterpiece. It’s short on tracks, that’s about it, and very minor gripes like not being able to tune pre-race.

Actually in FM3 and 4 there was much more dash functionality, most clocks and gauges worked, odometers worked and the gearchange movement matched what was happening. These all took a step backward with FM5 and have never been re-instated.


OP needs to rewrite whatever that is because I don’t understand what he’s getting at AT ALL. Somebody please translate.


He sounds like a Gran Turismo fanboy, I wouldn’t bother.

He’s basically making many false claims that Forza doesn’t have certain features. His main points were oil and tear wear, animated dashboards, customizable races and no patches since release.

I think almost everyone who has replied in this thread so far needs to go back and re-read what the OP said.

Several things are clear to me, and should be clear to anyone who does as I ask; the OP seems to be using English as a second language, and they also seem to be speaking of Forza as a whole, not just about Horizon, not just about Motorsport. If you take a moment to re-read it, and actually think a little bit, I think most of what they say comes across pretty clearly, actually…

Oil → fuel. Right? In the sense of what the OP said, anyway.

The OP makes what I must assume are a few mistakes, and everybody jumps on them for it? Really?

I agree it would be nice if Motorsport had qualifying, at least as an option, and either longer races, or adjustable race length. It would also be nice if Motorsport had full fields of compatible racing machines. The biggest offenses in regards to that are: ONE European racing truck. Really? Where are the others? ONE modern F1 car. Again, really? Where are the others? Or why even bother doing one? ONE modern DTM car? Okay—two; their are two separate instances/paint schemes/teams of the ONE Volvo… Why are there not at least a few of each of these?

That said, I don’t agree with the OP on everything. Hot Wheels expansion for Horizon 3, not a problem really. It’s sorta goofy, but, eh, whatever…

As for competition for the Horizon series, there have been several, I think—one Midnight Club title or another might qualify, as might one or more instances of Need for Speed, maybe The Crew to some extent…maybe a few others. Street racing isn’t really my cup of tea, so if I’m wrong about any/all of those and there really is no true competitor for the Horizon series, my mistake. Could’ve sworn I’d seen my nephew playing a game that seemed like it was a near-perfect competitor for it, though…


It’s different when a huge bulk of points within the criticism clearly show that no effort has been made to search for said features. A poorly researched thread that is asking for a lot, when it’s not a lot to ask that you actually look for things in the very game you are criticizing before doing so.

I could understand them not finding tire wear, but stuff like patches (according to the OP, there have been none) and the ability to change race settings are definitely things the player is met with if they played Horizon 3 for an extended period of time.

I get it, you are suggesting that perhaps the OP was talking about Forza/motorsports in general all along and this isn’t a criticism of just Horizon 3. That still doesn’t excuse the fact that what’s stated above applies there as well.

There’s a difference between constructive criticism and destructive cynicism. Horizon 3 is a flawed game, and the forum serves as your opportunity to “state your case”. However all too often I see this kind of jumping to conclusions that defeats the purpose of the forum and makes legitimate complaints and concerns hard to take seriously when put side by side with people simply repeating bandwagon nonsense and/or showing off their knee-jerk to reactions to new things that have to be bad because they aren’t things that they want.

If that kind of stuff wasn’t already everywhere, perhaps more people including myself would have been more willing to truly see what the OP was trying to say.

Edit: Also just noticing that I think this thread was moved from Horizon 3 discussion

So I CAN adjust race length in career mode on Forza Motorsport 6? I can do a full race weekend or qualify?

I sure would love to have someone tell me how to find those features in the game as I do not see them no matter how hard I look.

Speaking of “right” racing cars… I would love to know how to swap all the muscle cars to a 305ish cubic inch engine for proper Trans Am racing or where to find enough modern F1 machines or the racing big rigs to hold an event.

I would love to have asymetrical setups so I can move weight to one side or the other, adjust the camber negative on the right and positive on the left not to mention a wedge adjustment for proper oval racing.