Turf Wars, Blacklist, Tournaments for FH5- Competitive End Game Content

Turf Wars, The Blacklist, and Tournaments are all based on live racing competitions amongst participants. They are community ran events on a discord server (link at the end of the post).

Turf Wars is a competition in which crews battle for territory in 2v2s, 3v3s, and 4v4s.

The Blacklist is a leaderboard of players who compete in 1v1s (up to 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1) battling to stay on the top.

Tournaments begin with a large group of players competing in a series of races over time to determine a winner.

In-depth details and everything you need to know is in the discord server: FH5 The Blacklist

This isn’t the Crew, or Need for Speed, bro. Plus these games have a very low age rating. Do you really think they put something in there that would resemble actual gangs?



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Uhm… what?

That’s a BRUH moment right there. Where do you see a resemblence of gangs, murderers or stuff like that? This post has been created to promote a competitive entertainment that provides to the more competitive players something to do. The only thing I can agree with, is that there are dozens of underaged players that are way too sensitive about vinyls with slurs on cars, or profanities on forums, etc. But, no one tells them to join the (about to be) small competitive discord OP had just created. You play the game the way you’d like to, so what’s the problem? That someone wants to create a competitive environment for the upcoming game? Please, be better than that - if you don’t see it fit, at least try not to use the very low age rating as the only excuse.

Can’t wait to get the game and check The Blacklist. Keyboard drivers, wake up - it’s time, lol.

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It just doesn’t fit in with Horizon’s atmosphere. Also, I brought up the Crew and Need for Speed because crews fighting for turf is very reminiscent of those games. The fact that a “Blacklist” was mentioned is the most tell-tale sign, and if I’m honest, I’m not sure if the OP even knows what an actual blacklist is, because it is not a positive thing in a normal context. Also, this isn’t an actual game mode. Just a proposal. So unless Event Lab allows this sort of thing, and you find a club of likeminded drivers, there isn’t going to be a blacklist.

Battling ? Battling was already ramming in FH4 and I doubt it will improve with FH5 so I guess your proposal is kind of underground Eliminator using FH tracks. Given finish boards do not show the track and date, it looks difficult to track the races results. That said good luck to you and wish you good fun.

Yeah, I understand. But this is a community-run competition, ramming is against the rules and if there is proof of participants purposefully ramming they won’t be allowed to participate again. Only a small percentage of the FH5 Community would join this kind of thing and it is directed at players who want clean competitive racing. Unless the servers are laggy and people are teleporting around or having some kind of lag rams you won’t have to worry about these contests supporting rammers.

Blacklist and Turf Wars are going great with 6 active crews with a total of 40 participants, and 22 participants in the blacklist.