Tuning slider adjusting values wrong way: Brakes, and potential others?

So there is one that I usually adjust and it seemed to destabilize my cars so I left at 50%, and that is brake front/rear balance controller. But in a bit of play today, it looks like it works backwards.

With that wonderful car we get from that seasonal race, I decided to make a burnout/drag car. To do linelocks, I set brakes fully front since is easier than trying to balance with brakes on an insane power car with frag slicks.

Once I set fully front, I could no longer break rear tires loose it felt. I went from driver cam to external to observe. When the tires did start to spin at partial brake, only the rear rotors glowed. So I set fully rear brakes and only the fronts locked up both in ease of doing a brake torque and the visually hot rotors.

So 100% Front has no power to front and 0% rear only front. That has been why I couldnt seem to get my brakes right.

It does work backwards, was reported weeks ago, still no fix in sight.