[Tuning Setups] My tunes for this week Winter series 23

Hey guys!

Here are some of my tunes for this week’s races. They all have winter tyres!!

- The Trial Co-Op Championship: “A Small Fortune” | Road Racing | (S1 900):
I did 3 tunes for this one.

Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK-GTR 1998: Great car.
SC: 981 450 872

Bonus: I made a livery that I love for this car but it has 0 downloads, it’s just a german flag vertically across the car but looks so damn good. [SC: 568 772 981] It also has the horizontal version on the sides. [SC: 895 946 179]

Ferrari Enzo 2002: An old favorite of mine, this car rules on winter, corners amazingly.
SC: 625 867 712

Porsche 911 GT1 STRASSENVERSION 1998: Probably the best grip in this trial, it gets to 2.3G.
SC: 640 834 501

- Championship: "The Corolla Express” | Cross Country | (B700)
Lancer Evolution IX MR 2006: you can’t go wrong with a Lancer.
SC: 898 195 508

- Championship: “Mr. Snow It All” | Cross Country | (A800) Super Saloons
Mercerdes-Benz E63S AMG 2013: Won 3 races with ease.
SC: 754 753 280

- Championship: “Pledging Allegiance” | Street Scene | (A800)

'69 Chevrolet Nova SS 396 FE: Well, it’s an easy to get meta car, so why no fit some snow tyres to it?
SC: 126 336 926

- Forzathon Weekly
'67 Corvette: Both tunes have winter tyres.
Stock V8 Engine, RWD (so you can drift more). SC: 177 002 176
V12 Engine, AWD (more powerful, easier to get the speed skill). SC: 717 113 462

As for the new Toyotas, I also had some fun tuning it:
Toyota Corolla SR5 '74
They are all dirt, snow/dirt tyres equipped, rally suspension.
• Just for fun I made a D500, stock engine, RWD, no bumpers or aero. SC: 421 445 935
• For the A800 dirt I’ve focused on grip instead of speed. SC: 344 301 534
• The S1 is basically fully upgraded. SC: 173 272 777

Toyota Celica GT ‘74
Well this car is very modifiable so I had lots of fun.

• Since we are in winter right now, I’ll start with this race tune with snow tyres. SC: 590 934 238
• It has so many options that I kinda just went with the flow and made this A800 dirt with the wide body kit and winter tyres. SC: 124 448 576
• Since I’m not a great fan of winter I also made versions without winter tyres:
~ Racing A800 with bodykit. SC: 151 317 373
~ Racing A800 without bodykit. SC: 595 472 991
~ Racing S1900 without bodykit. SC: 110 154 259

If you want any specific car tuned for this week’s series just reply here and I’ll try to make the best tune for you guys. Feedback always welcome.

Cheers! GLHF!

im looking for a good grip/street tune for my 2004 Evo VIII for street races i got everything dialed but the gear ratios were im having issues figuring iit out

You should probably specify what performance class you are looking for.
The '04 Evo starts at B and can go up to A with stock engine.
With an engine swap it can go up to S1 and even a bit above.