Tuning setups by SpeedDemom0388: setting up shop and some tunes

Here is where I list all of the tune setups I have up for sharing. Every setup you see listed was fine tuned to my preference, basically if it’s not good enough for me then it will not go up until it’s just right. I’m always working on new setups whenever I’m on and not working on liveries, or doing races. If you have any concerns or have any opinions about these tunes, please feel free to let me know, but keep it clean enough so you won’t get into any trouble with the forum mods.

Controller settings used: default deadzone settings, no ABS, no TCS, no STM, M/C; all while using a basic XB1 wireless controller

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  • B700 '17 Chevy Colorado ZR2 - Cross Country/Cross Country Circuit (LS3 ZR2 Offroad) - Currently one of my favorites for B-class cross country in the Offroad division and the LS3 swap makes it sound better
  • B700 '70 Chevy Camaro Z28 - Road Race sprint/circuit (B700 Grip) - One of my latest and I’m more than impressed of how well it turned out, goes around turns without a hitch (despite it being a non-aero tune)


  • A800 '18 Dodge Durango SRT - Dirt trail races (A800 Rally) - A solid tune for trail races in the Sport Utility Heroes division; It will work on both cross country events, but you will have to get used to the stiff suspension, as this was originally meant for dirt trail events
  • A800 '93 Toyota #1 T100 - (Cross Country) - Very good setup for cross country events and my favorite for cross country. It utilizes the stock suspension settings (which work really well), lower final drive ratio for better top speed, changes to alignment, brake settings, and rear end, all while using RWD
  • A800 '18 Honda Civic Type-R - Road Race sprint/circuit (A800 Grip) - Originally built for the Super Hot Hatch rivals event (under the monthly section), this thing handles so well on circuits and a blast to drive with no race bumper or race wing
  • A800 '05 BMW M3 - Road Race sprint/circuit (A800 Grip) - Very solid tune with the spirit of the M3 GTR (body parts and engine), took me some time to get this one dialed in just right, and now drives beautifully, and does well on sprint races and street races.