Tuning Question: Matching Tires & Suspension

Hi all,

I have been fiddling around with Tuning all week for the first time ever since the very first Forza Motorsport I never tuned anything myself and have been making 4 tunes for every car, a Race Tune, a Rally Tune (for Dirt & Snow) a Drift Tune and a Drag Tune, but I have a question if I’m matching the suspension and tires properly?

For the Race Tune I’m using the Race Suspension and the Racing Wheels with the Forza Horizon Logo on it
For the Rally Tune (For Dirt & Snow) I’m using the Rally Suspension with Snow or Rally Tires depending on the Season
For the Drift Tune I’m using the Drift Suspension with the Racing Wheels with the Forza Horizon Logo on it
For the Drag Tune I’m using the Race Suspension and the Drag Tires

Am I doing that correctly or am I doing something wrong there?

Rally Suspension and Offroad Tires are mostly a good combination due to the soft springs, dampers and high ride height Rally Suspension provides. You want to use that on Dirt or Cross Country events where Offroad Tires are the best choice.
For drag Drag Tires and Race Suspension are a good combination too.
But for a normal racing tune you don’t have to mix Race Suspension with Race Tires (the Forza Horizon variant DOES NOT differ from the normal Race Tires, it’s just visual). You can mix the Race Suspension with every tire option - Stock, Street, Sport or Race. Race Suspension only unlocks adjustable parts of your suspension and is mostly a must-have on any racing tune. Your tire choice should depend on the grip and power your car has.
For Drift Suspension and your tire choice applies the same as to Race Suspension and tire choice.


Thank you Rayne :smiley: Just wanted to be sure I had the correct combinations :smiley: I use the Horizon Logo on the wheels just because I think it just looks better than the stock one but I think that’s more personal taste :smiley:

Added Question: Should I just make every car AWD since that seems to be the best available conversion for all the cars? Just want to make sure that I make all the cars the best I can possibly make them for myself.

That is mostly personal choise, awd cars are really good and myself i do mostly awd tunes but some cars are mutch faster with rwd tune. But it’s just how you drive if you feel you are faster when using awd then you should make them awd. Im not best to making drifters (or best drifter :smiley: ) but i like make drifters with rwd and not using racing tires, for me drifting is more fun with rwd than awd. And race tires in drifter feels sometimes there are too mutch grip.

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Thank you SprungBoss9964, I’m really aiming to get the best of my cars by tuning them myself from now on, I just feel more excited when I tune them myself and they turn out to be driving really good you know. I’m worst at drifting myself as well, always had a problem with that, I think the last time I was actually good at drifiting was when I played Need For Speed Underground 2 and well that is like so many years ago :stuck_out_tongue: Okay so now we got that out of the way, I know which tires to use with each tune, I know that AWD are the best all-around, I tried it with an Integra and I could actually drift that thing as well, well as much as drifting goes anyway not the best LoL, let’s see I think the only questions left are Aero Tuning: Yes or No? and which settings seem best? And Engine Swap is it that the most expensive one is always the best option as well since AWD conversion is also the best option? And if I could choose between Turbo or Supercharger, which one should I pick? I apologize if I am asking too much but there’s just so much to think of when you go tune your car yourself, I have been downloading tunes from others for all of the previous games and they work really well, but I really want to be good at tuning myself and learn as much as there is to learn you know? I feel like downloading tunes from others even though some of them are really really good like Raceboy77, CQR Takumi, Don Joewon Song tunes they are excellent, but it’s kinda like the easy way out, and I myself want to push myself in some way to get better myself instead of choosing tunes that are already excellent you never learn that way if you just choose pre-made tunes. Once again sorry for asking too much :slight_smile: