Tuning Parameters Reset to Default After Adding Part

After I purchase upgrades and do a tune I then save and apply the tune. After this if I want to add a part, say race tires, I install the tires and all my tuning parameters are back to default. Is there a way to add the part without having my tuning inputs and upgrades reset to default?

Did all parts of tune change or just the tyre pressure? If all changed I would post it in the technical section as this should not happen.

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Yup, that was it. I should have known that. Thank you.

Or you could just go Tuning->Setup Manager->Load Setup and load the setup you’ve previously saved to make sure everything is back to normal after a upgrading smaller parts.

Tried that and when I load the setup it reverts back to the previous parts I had on the car with that setup.

Oooops stupid me, forgot tuning and parts are always tied. Sorry!

No need for sorry thanks for the response man.