Tuning Novice In Need of Advice

Hey guys,

This is the first time I’ve posted on here but have been reading topics quite alot recently, anyway before I go off topic I have been playing Forza since FM4 and back then I never even bothered looking at tuning, however when I got my copy of FM5 I wanted to become better at the game I love and decided to purchase ForzaTune 5 to make my cars better. I have been doing quite well on the leaderboards and usually I can land a top 5000 spot which to begin with was great for me. Recently I’ve had the urge though of wanting to make my own unique tunes after watching guys like Stella Stig, Moneyman300, ROT King III and also reading posts by ERS Johnson and BIG W0RM so the advice I need is pretty simple, would I be better off using ForzaTune 5 as a base and tweaking it or would it be better to learn to tune from scratch?


Just look through the open source tunes for classes you like. Try the tune out. If you don’t like it, make changes that make sense to you as necessary. Eventually you’ll pick on a few tricks here and there and can finish up by heavily researching the aspects of fine tuning (has been covered in numerous threads). Its not a fast process to say the least no matter what path you choose.

Thanks for the reply and yes I will try that, I think what Im going to struggle the most with ARB’s, Springs and possibly Differential

Do whatever works for you by trial and error. Don’t waste your time on others opinion. Its so contradictory its unreal. But still worth a read. Always look for what you need in a tune not others. Good luck

Thanks Toffo, I’m going to enjoy learning all aspects of tuning, Im going to look at different peoples tunes today and make sure they are similar cars so I can notice any similarities within the tunes. Im guessing its a good starting point

Learning to tune can be daunting given the amount of information one has to learn, especially when not all information is correct.

Fastest way to get started is to try some posted tunes then find few people who can walk you through. After you have gone through half dozen tunes, you’ll start to develop some ball park ideas on your own. That transition is the difficult part. You just have so many “what if” questions.

If you need someone to discuss tuning, let me know and I can walk you through the concepts.

As mentioned already in above posts everybody has their own set of ideas and not everybody can be right, myself included. More people that you talk to, the better your tuning process will be.

Very much appreciated, to be honest you have helped me out without even knowing it, While looking online for guides on tuning I came accross you tuning guide that is split into parts on Digitalbbq. You have no idea how much it has steered me in the right direction (no pun intended). What intimidated me the most was setting the springs, which you said in your guide that you want an offset of 0.90 maximum

As long as the spring does not bottom out . . .

I think

0.98 = spring has bottom out and the car is sitting on rubber bumper

1.00 = spring+rubber bumper has completely bottomed out = suspension can no longer absorb additional compression; additional compression forces/energy will be directly transferred to the chassis