Tuning mid engine RWD cars in forza 6

My first time posting so here goes. I’m trying to tune some cars on forza 6 I’ve been tuning since forza 3 and I’m a mechanic so I thought I would know my way around and understand it. In forza 6 it seems really different when tuning mid engine cars no matter what I do they r just really tail happy and want to drift and so it’s hard as hell to race them. Does anybody know how to tune the “happy tail” lol out of a mid engine car for example 99 lotus Elise

P.s. need to ad I am using the Logitech g920

try some of the pre baked tunes out for the car from some of the garages. when you find a tune that works for you speak to its creator. I’m sure they’ll be willing to help. I run high bump with soft rebound, soft ARBs, higher rear ride height than in the front, softer springs, higher decel diff lock, lower caster, slightly lower rear tyre pressure.

The trick in tuning any car in FM6 is in being able to manipulate the weight transfer to load the tires without overloading them, so you want to run as stiff of a set up as you can without it causing a loss in traction.

You mentioned the Lotus, go and get the Lotus 111S (2005 elise) and set it up as you normally would, run 10 laps in it, then go find my tune for it, and run 10 laps in that see if theres a difference. If there is ill be able to help you, if not I can’t. Reason I’m saying to test other tuners tunes is that everyone has different way of attacking the same problem. Some solutions compromise the general car more than others. The guy at ERS and Worm know their stuff, they’re long standing tuners. Im more of a wildcard because I’ve been described as a bit “backwards” and “hit and miss”

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Lol. Are you UK based and in possession of a mic? If you are it’ll make things much easier. I’ll be about all day tomorrow. If you want to take a look at how I set up my springs go take a look at Optimum Suspension thread… It’s all explained in detail in the thread… A bit of bed time reading for yourself.

Will do thanks :grin:

Nar I’m Australian but yes I have a Mic I’ll take a look at the thread and see if it helps. Definitely have to find a time to party up so u can show me ya stuff thanks man woooo :grin:

Well if you’re about this time tomorrow I’ll run you through it. Add me as a friend About500Rabbits

Will do pal just had a look at the suspension thread and yea to much maths for me I’m a 1x1 using a calculator kinda guy haha