Tuning menu - unresponsive/Decal editing - hyperspeed

Why the disconnect? It feels like a different game. I want to throw my controller through my monitor and the next 2 walls behind it just trying to make a rectangle of a certain size. After making me fight through the menus and driving mechanics, the amount of fine-touch precision it takes to do anything quickly in design editing is maddening.

It goes both ways, too. the threshold for changes larger than minute is barely any analog stick movement at all. Yet, one would expect that full stick would be fast enough to cross the car in about 2 seconds, only a third of the current time. Why is intuitive UI so out of fashion?

You also have the digital Cross control which scales things incrementally.

But it’s too slow. The “workflow” is poor and incoherent in context of the other menu and gameplay elements, that’s what I’m trying to say.