Tuning in FH4 - Differences to FM7

I’m trying to get started with tunign in FH4 having done a lot of tuning in FM7.

Are there any commonly used factors that can be used to translate a FM7 tune into a FH4 one, to get started?

For example, the ARBs in FH4 seem to go up to 65 rather than 40 in FM7, and the dampers go up to 20, rather than 13. Can these be simply factored to convert?

For road tunes with race suspension you can take over F7 tunes to Horizon 4 for the most part.

However you need to adjust dampers to the different range of Horizon 4. Usually adding 4.5 to rebound and 0.5 to bump does the job.

Also Horizon 4 uses a different reference point for the diff than Forza 7. In F7 the diff reference point is 70/35 whereas in Horizon 4 it’s 75/75. So 70/35 setting in F7 equates to 75/75 setting in Horizon 4. You need a little bit of transformation logic for the diff to get the same feel in Horizon 4 regarding the diff.

There are other subtle differences but damping and diff are the main ones.

There are no differences regarding ARBs, the extended range that Horizon 4 offers simply accounts for the much heavier vehicles that are present in Horizon 4.

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