Tuning for leagues Why?

Hi this is my first post it is also the first Forza title I have owned.

I’m just trying to find any answers to why the leagues are using handicaps.
I spend a lot of time tuning for the ghost league races, only to find out my car does not handle the same when in the race.
What is the point of tuning a car when the ghost league you enter handicaps the rear grip and power.
surely the whole point of the game is being able to tune the car to the way you drive it. not for it to give you a class limit then handicap it anyway.
Any replies welcomed. apart from the obvious about my driving skill.

Classes are the backbone of the game. You have to build a car to the top of whatever class you like in order to be competitive.

So a build to like 567 PI has no real benefit for circuit racing unless you are running some sort of spec races created by friends.

Not sure what your talking about handicaps.


I don’t think there are any handicaps for the online leagues or most of if not all the multiplayer. I think what you are noticing is some type of lag. I’ve noticed at times that cars handle differently online then they do offline.

I don’t really understand this. I think what is happening is that you’re using the wrong car for the wrong race. The lower classes aren’t meant to “handicap” an A-class car, they are meant to make you build a car to the top of the appropriate class. If you put an A-class car in a C-class race it’ll remove your tune and your car will be dog dirt. If the race makes you race race C-class then buy an E or D class car and tune it up to C-class perfection, then use that one. Vroom vroom.

The game has never done to me the thing you are describing.

Hope this helps.

I think I know what you’re talking about. Before you tune a car, go the options tab and into the mod card area. Remove all of the mod cards. If mod cards are in place, they will still be active when test driving during tunings. And of course, mod cards cannot be used online so you’ll notice a difference right away.


I think they are a bit different online and I chalk it up to the input signals having to be processed online versus in your Xb0ne. I was also told that when the lobby is full it gets worse so you have to learn to compensate on the fly.

If I haven’t been online in awhile the first thing I do is go to the ghosted C lobby and run a few to get my feel for it back. I don’t get to play online a lot so most of my racing is local against AI and Rivals. I tend to want to charge into corners kind of hot and I can get away with it when its all local but online I put myself into the wall more often than not. I even tried setting up a private with and without AI so I could practice the car I would be racing later but going to the ghosted C lobby first seems to help more. I generally let the pack take off and then chase after in clear air more so I can see the assist line without all the cars in the way. It was hard for me to adjust but the more I did it the better it got. After a few laps in the C when I am seeing lap times that near whoever won then I move on.

sometimes when test and tuning you don’t push the car as hard as you do in a race…

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Thanks for the replies I will make sure mod cards are off and try again did not give this any thought.

Yes much better now without mods on just need to improve my driving thanks for your post