Tuning for a racing wheel and/or different tires... any difference?

After 2 years of dreaming of one I finally got a Fanatec CSR. I am decent enough in lobbies with a controller… a good time for me on Catalunya for example is somewhere in the high 1’56"s. My question now is, now that I have a wheel, should I tune cars differently, or does it not make a difference?

Also I have been experimenting with different compounds… I used to just default to race but I have a ~550HP Exige that I changed from race to street tires and it’s decent. Initially the tune was too stiff so I softened it and it works a little better… do you guys find yourselves having to change tunes for compounds or should one tune work for all?

Yes you have to compensate with mechanical grip with springs,camber,caster and toe, but I try not to use much toe.

Edit: also rim size and tire width will help but your adding weight.

yes you will have to adjust for it typicly you can be more aggressive with your tuning camber caster rear spring drop front arb etc due to the fact you have more precise control I don’t use toe in my tuning as I have found it slows the car down also consider if you don’t already switch to sim steering to take full advantage of the control you have also I have noticed that when I found a setup I liked for the class and drive type I use that setup as a baseline tune and adjust from there I also use overall grip to put my cars into classes regardless of tire compound ie 1.xxg grip for a class cars that way I have room to do other things in the build like trans and power brakes etc

Now that you have a wheel, you should test out all your tunes to see how they feel. I’ve been using the Fanatec GT2 wheel for 4 years now. I found that it’s 50/50 whether a controller tune will be good or not. I have shared dozens of tunes back and forth with friends who use controllers. Sometimes they are spot on, other times, not so good. A good set up will be drivable either way, but may not be optimal. If your going to be using the wheel, then do your tuning with the wheel. If you plan on using a set up that was done with a controller, test it out first to make sure it is good.

One place I’m having huge problems adjusting to with the wheel is braking. Seems like either the brakes are a lot stronger with the wheel, or, more likely, I’m worse at modulating them. I use a heavy trail braking style for slower corners and I’m finding when I push the pedal in all the way the car doesn’t turn (like real life… duh). That’s something I will definitely need to practice.

Overall at the moment my lap times are ~5-10 seconds slower than with a controller and I am just kind of all over the place. Any tips on how to get better faster?

Practice I’ve used a wheel for about 4 years now (have had my csr for about 2) and I’m still improving. i just recently redid some rival events( Top Gear with the stock cars) that I did a 1 1/2 ago and improved some of my times by 2-3 seconds. practice,practice,practice. just don’t let it get you down and don’t give up.,

I use the Microsoft Force Feedback wheel from the start of Forza 2.
The braking is the biggest problem for the MS wheel. There is no clear brake adjustment in the Wheel Settings for the Controller
I always use “ABS” Brakes due to the brakes will lockup when I barely touch the brake pedal and the motor will die on slow corners and hairpins with “ABS” turned Off.
I use “Normal” steering. :Sim steering" was designed for the Controller.

Here are my Settings for RWD cars:
1 .ABS Brakes = ON
2. Normal steering
3. Traction control = ON

I may try to find a decent Fanatec wheel that I can use for both the 360 and PC.
Both shifting paddles are broken on my wheel, which makes it difficult to shift. I have to use Manual shifting without Clutch.

since I’m 76 years old, I may not be sim racing to many more years.

Happy racing everyone!