Tuning/engine notes/please read

Hey there playground!
I’ve been playing Forza since first game. I really love horizon franchise and im glad it came. (I actually thought since forza motorsport 2 , Wonder what it would be like to roam in a open world). BUT you guys really have to Step up the styling and tuning possibilities on the cars. ALL the cars. There are hundreds of customizable stuff to do on any car.
Like: mufflers / tailpipes / seats / fenders / lights / mirrors / diffusers / canards. And offcourse individual aftermarket fronts/spoilers/rears/hoods/sideskirts. Not just only 2 bodykits at the max on Like 20cars. Maybe the bodykits dont even look that good or maybe i hate the ugly lights that come with.

And about the engine notes: you did Great job on some cars indeed. But the NOTE is MUCH highter and way more fierce in real life on a supertuned v8 or Rotary or I6 engines. And some cars still doesnt even come close too autenthic note/sound Like the 599xx or the rotary. Just to name a few.

In order for this game to actually be fun for years for us alittle order than 18 that actually owned or own alot or some of the cars. We need more on the cars at the moment. I rather had 250 cars i can tune exactly how i want with pure autenthic sound than 700 cars with 1 or 2 bodykits or that has 1 or 2 fronts and the other is offcourse the nasty forzafront.

So please. Make more while you can and i’d be happy to pay for dlc or pay twice the amount for a real autenthic experience. Not all are under 18 years old.

Other than that I look forward to try it out and it looks amazing.
Kind regards Alexander

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