Tuning community suggestion for one of this week's events

So one of this week’s events is winning the hoonigan cossie and it requires playing with other people so it’s already hard enough because usually by race 2 half the team has quit. They don’t seem to understand you can lose 2 races and still win, it all depends on points.

Anyways … because of the things that add extra difficulty to this event I want a shortcut and that shortcut is what’s the best vehicle to use?

I tried it with the Porsche and the other escort but I noticed the ai who comes in the top spots uses the hoonigan Ford truck.

So… What do you recommend I drive and would you go for a handling tune, balanced or speed? I’ve seen people use drift suspensions but with settings so it’s not really a drift car…

I just wanna win lol

RS1800 with Rockxld tune.

Practise with it if needed

Thanks I’ll give it a try. I haven’t used that car in the event yet. I’ll probably end up using my own tune because they came out nearly identical with mine having slightly better handling (1.23g) and better braking and speed but slightly lower acceleration.

I kinda keep to myself instead of engaging with the tuning community… I should probably stop doing that since I’m pretty good at tuning.

Now if I can just get through a session without people quiting and . making it impossible to win…

One of my favorite past times in this game is trying / building multiple cars in the Trial challenges to see if I can place 1st overall in every car.
I won with the Twerkstallion multiple times with slicks, but it would lose the back end pretty easily- challenging to drive.
That does not mean I came in first every race, but a good consistent 2nd or 3rd - to earn a 1st place position.

I was racing with a Hoon Porsche - that did amazingly well - prob on rally tires to balance grip and speed.

My biggest success - most wins was with the Hoon RS200 - with rally tires. Great grip and more than enough launch and top end speed when needed.
I build my own tunes, so can’t recommend anyone, but what I will do is get a tune from a well known player, and use it as my foundation to tweak an already well built car to my own tuning preferences.
In this case, I used:

FRF MUKA - tune - very well known streamer.
Just search his name, and the tune was called RALLY.
Worked great for me.

And agree, if I see a Hoon F-150 truck, I stay away from it at all costs, especially at the start of the race because they seem to be the most toxic rammer and out of control drivatar, but yet suddenly seem to get it all together and go on to destroy the rest of the field.

Hope that helps . .