Tuning check request for 12 Sebring


I am driving Corvette C7.R at Sebring in the middle of March. So far Vette is giving me a lot of troubles. If any of tuners can check my setup and give some feedback it would be awesome. I have managed to barely brake 2.06.00. I wonder if tune is holding me up or the lack of skill.

Tune is up and public. I give here a car build in case any one want to build it from skratch.

827 PI

  • race brakes
  • race driveline
  • front/back tires 215/225

Took your tune for a spin and I’d say it is good enough for fast laps. It’s a little bit understeery and sometimes a little bit undpredicatable especially in slow corners, but this is more an issue of consistency than speed really.

For reference I managed a 1.06.9 in your tune in a 10 laps test run. I guess I could hit a 1.05 when hotlapping.

As for consistency you can try my settings if you like. I was a little bit faster with them:

Tire Pressures 29.0 29.0
Camber -2.1 -1.6
Toe 0.0 0.0
Caster 4.0
ARBs 10.23 10.25
Spring Rates 579.1 582.1
Ride Height 2.6 2.8
Rebound 8.6 8.4
Bump 4.6 4.5
Brakes 48% 125%
Aero 392 565
Diff 72% 34%

Good job on the tune!

Thanks a lot for feedback. Did you like the gear box ratio? I have improved to 05.4 last session. I gonna try your tune tomorrow!

Yes liked your gears, better than stock settings which require more frequent shifting.

I think you only need 5 gears here which is what you probably did.

How was your testing ?