Tuning calculators

so i found one from forza tuning labs its free but i don’t have office or excel and im sure as hell not spending 100 dollar’s just to have a calcutar for a video game.

anything else out there that is either free and dont need complicated software. surely it has to exist.

There are one or two that you can use on your phone.

Don’t own a tablet or an ipod. nothing web based ?

type in forza tools its free. it is for forza 3 but it works fine

You might want to consider using Apache OpenOffice as a free alternative to Microsoft’s product.


The FREE Open Office does work with Excel files.
Forza Tuning Labs just released an upgraded FREE version on 2/27/2014.

the forza lab’s guy said open office libre office do not work properly with the tool. i’ve been emailing him trying to find a solution to not having excel

i installed my old 2007 microsoft office disc and i tsays i dont have enough memory to run excel on my pc :d

no ipod or cell phone.

i’m old school.

I’m “old school” also, but you might consider upgrading your memory.

Send me the build of the car you want tuned and I will message you the tune.

worm’s Tuning Guide is a good guide to get you started.

What does it do, in a nutshell, these tools?

Symptoms and fixes?

For symptoms and fixes, you could try searching Google for ‘suspension tuning flowcharts’.

E.G. -

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^ that is an awesome picture. the calcultaor is suppose to give you a better tune for your car then what it comes stock standard that is if you put on the sport or racing parts so you can start tuning it.

i’m just goint ot use this web based for motorsport 3 that i’ve found until i can find a way to get excel working at a friends house. wish u didnt need excell for it. the guys been trying to help for days now.

https://www.libreoffice.org/ is a good substitute; should be able to open and utilize those .xls files with it - that said, I experimented with a few different spreadsheet tuning calculators… I wasn’t satisfied with the ones I tried, but as they say, YMMV ;^)

they can’t make my favorite cars any worse lol awd with tons of under steer suuuuuuuucks. i just want ot check them out really.

yeah i plan on seeing if either work but the creator of forza lab’s said there are problems with using anything but excel

What’s your favorite cars that understeer? LOL. I like to stick to American cars and I bought a Cobalt and I was thinking the same thing about that thing. You just look at the brakes and it gets a little sideways and totally makes it hard to steer. Grrrr…

I like any honda hatch or honda period. dont really drive much fwd.

I’m a little slow on this stuff, I have Excel 07 how do I get the FTL program from their web page to my Excel program?

Calcs are garbage … there is math u can use tho … if you search around on the forums …

Is worms tuning guide stickied on here? Or tacked I should say?

What strikes me about the game is that some cars seem to handle well in stock mode. And some, not so much. But sometimes the cars that seem to handle well aren’t the cars you really want to drive with for fun. So it’d be nice to be able to learn how to adjust a car to get it to be closer to how the other cars feel. Maybe that’s a pipe dream.

For example. I really like the two Fords that are left hand drive. Those C class ones. Both of them have the wing. I think one is the escort. And the other one is the aaaah, I forget. Looks like the Merkur XRF4ti. The Escort and the… I forget the name of the other one. Anyways… I really like how those cars drive but for some reason I really don’t like right hand drive. Even in a game it feels all wrong to me. I suppose I should just overlook that. I even like the looks of those cars. They remind me of cars I thought were neat in High School. The oddball type cars that were American and didn’t have a huge pumping V-8 but were still performance cars.

Anyways… I bought a Focus ST and I kind of like it. It handles well enough, but it’s not as good as either one of those. And it’s newer. But it’s left hand drive. LOL. I think that one needs more power. The handling is pretty good.