Tuning Braking BIAS is reversed?

Don’t know if that’s the case for Xbox because I only play on PC so someone who has the game on Xbox could report back. I was messing around with tuning settings trying to make my Centenario more drivable and I found out that the brake bias is reversed. I always setup my cars with front braking bias and in a race with wet conditions (ABS off) I pressed the brakes enough to lock up one set of wheels due to the Bias but not the other. What happened is the rear wheels locked, the front kept spinning and because of the wet road the rear of the car span out. After watching the replay I realized what’s up. Don’t know if I am mistaken here but when I set the balance for example on front brakes, I thought that they should brake harder than the rear, in game it seems reversed.
Anyone who wishes to test this, go tune a car with full front or rear bias and something like 150% brake pressure and in a straight line overpress the brake and see from the side view which wheels lock up 1st.

This has been an issue for quite some time.

Wow, didn’t know that. Are there any more tuning stuff reversed like this?

This has been so since Forza 5 I think. Definately heard about it in FM6.

Forza 5 and horizon 2 were reversed, it was fixed for 6 and now its reversed again. They never fixed it in the other two games so im assuming it won’t be for this one. I wonder what it is that causes this to happen.

I’ma blame VW.

I’ve always found tuning your brake bias to the front makes the car less driver friendly. It becomes more predictable but it will plow wide through corners. I like to send it about 55% to the back so the front end can still steer a little under hard braking. But I like my cars to slide around.

Might just be me but I actually prefer it reversed, looks easy to read to me in the tuning section.