Tuning and fuel efficiency

Hey everyone, I’m currently involved in an endurance series that will be starting within a week or so. Running in a Ferrari 458 GTE. But ran into some tuning problems I can’t say I’m used to. The most significant of those being what can I do to improve my fuel efficiency? I know having tires inflated proper amount and drag have alot to do with it. But struggling to decide what that may translate to ingame. Help!
Furthermore if anyone can find a better way to show fuel duration other than running it dry please enlighten me :slight_smile:

I tried testing ultra low/high tire pressures with respect to speed and it does not seem so. That means you don’t need to worry about tire pressures.

What I have seen though . . . is gearing makes a difference. Running short gears in high RPMs range will use more fuel. I don’t know the impact of using turbos/superchargers on fuel efficiency. If you are looking for fuel efficiency, 2 things I am aware of are:

  1. Taller gears, especially the top gear
  2. Lower downforce = higher top speed = less time @full throttle = lower fuel consumption

Make sure the fuel runs out before the tire does. If you have to pit due to tire, fuel savings means nothing.

Some race cars show the fuel information in cockpit display which may/may-not have enough information you are looking for.

The technical aspects were much appreciated, I was quite oblivious to gearing so that was also appreciated. If you or anyone else has anything else to add. It would be nice. Thanks!

I had a race series using high a class cars, build was free to do as you want within certain limits (Mandatory parts, weight and power limit). Therefore we could run light weight low power tunes, or heavy big power builds.

All that I really noticed was that the heavier high power car consumed more fuel, but the effect was only half a lap on Monza full. Granted that half a lap did mean 1 more lap until I had to pit in, but in 1 hour race the effect was negligible, as I had to pit 3 times either way.