Tuning a cars ride height and brake force


So is there a good number for brake force to apply when doing tunes? I am trying to tune the brakes so I can pretty much or almost get it close the point where they won’t lock up without ABS on, this seems to be usually about 35-50% when looking at the brake force in game. I am not sure that really relates though?

I have been putting them at 100% which seems “normal”, is there a rule of thumb to do some other number, say 70%?

Also, is there a good number for ride height, I now it says the lowest before bottoming out, most tracks are fairly similar though (you aren’t going off road etc), I have been putting 10.5cm, is there some other general save number? Just thinking it might help handling/cornering a bit more. I have been tuning my cars off U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator
But the Nissan GTR FE can still slide/roll a little bit on corners, some other “better” cars (but same PI) can pretty much brake into the corners and still stick to the road. Maybe it is just at the best the car can do though.

Have a look at my Forza 6 tuning guide regarding ride height, also applies to Forza 7:

Brake force is actually user preference and not car dependent, use the one that allows you to stop as quickly as you can without locking up the brakes.

I always go as low and soft as possible without bottoming out on springs / ride height.

Brakes i always set to 120%+ so i don’t have to press the trigger as far for braking, probably saves a few 100ths of a second per lap, but each to their own.