Tunes and performance upgrades

What is the point of upgrading and tuning your cars when they just remove your upgrades and tuning when you enter a race or event, any how that’s what they do to me and on top of that they hold my cars back in 5th or 7th place ( unfair racing ) I have to restart the race or event several times and battle my way up to first place.

Doing the online race, like any thing goes I get stuffed into the wall by someone and I get a penalty for it I pass by a collision not even close to it and get a high speed collision penalty and on top of all the other players ramming me and so on all my upgrades and tunes was gone like just driving a stock car with no upgrades or tunes and wouldn’t let me get past 7th place yet again unfair on their part to hold me back like that. I shouldn’t have to restart a race 4or5 times just to get a normal clean race

What event are you talking about specifically where you think your tunes are being removed?

In any online race there is a class restriction e.g. B, A, S1 etc. So as long as the car is in the class that is shown for the race then its valid and your tune wont be removed etc. Festival Playlist items again have restrictions, so whats happening when you are picking your car? Is your car available from the normal selection or do you got into “rent” car part? As rented car would be standard.

If you choose any race with a Class attached to it, it will only show cars available for that class so if you wanted to use a particular car and its not set at that class, e.,g you choose B Class race but you tuned and have the car saved as an A Class it wont show up.

Wall collisions can be a pain its just life especially if you get rammed, not really a lot you can do. There are no High Speed Collision penalties at all, you get a pop up saying “high speed collision” but no one gets a penalty the game ghosts the 2 (or more) cars that would be affected. Its to stop a much faster car ramming into the back of a slower one.

Don’t know what you mean by “hold back your cars in 5th or 7th” do you start the race in that place? As the starting place is determined by difficulty, I play on unbeatable and have no issues starting 12th and winning 90% of the time. With online racing your playing against other humans so you can’t expect to win every race, and if the other players are the same sort of ability as you or better then you will feel your not making progress. Different cars will be better than others as well especially online due to the fact that you normally just play at a class level e.g. A Class. Theres not a restriction on type of car, so in A Class for example you find cars that are stock D or C Class can be upgraded more than others and potentially better than cars that are A Class as stock.


I’ve never noticed a tune being removed, or being held back.

Certainly meaning cars tuned for higher class than authorized are not available ( removed ). Just need to have some tune matching the restrictions

Concerning the penalties, I am not even sure there are on playlist races. There is a lot of ramming on trial but normal since close from initial online experience before collision penalties.

No he means his tunes disappear, and he has a stock car tune instead.

I am talking about the online adventures so say dirt racing A800 class I use a Ram Rebel built to A800 I put it in the race and all my tunes and performance are gone like running a stock Ram Rebel.
I have my skill level set at highly skilled because I am pretty good at racing I`m not really a pro I do have wrecks lol. I use a G920 wheel and a controller is faster than a wheel so it is more of skill in driving with the wheel than with a controller.
I don’t expect to win every race but I know when my cars are being held back from moving up to the third place or better.

So you’re saying you have an A800 Ram Rebel but when you pick it for an online race, what, it’s no longer A800? Has the PI gone down? Or is the PI the same but you’re inferring that it is slower than it should be?

fairly certain that I’ve never encountered this issue

Are you confusing offline with online? You mention playing at highly skilled level and also online adventure. Highly skilled AI doesn’t provide any sort of challenge, even unbeatable is anything but.

Going from playing offline on highly skilled difficulty to online against real people is a different ball game.

If you get a lobby of fast or even top 1% fast drivers, you’ll feel slow and most likely DNF.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your car, you’re probably over estimating your own skill level.

I don’t think it’s the game mate. As Beard2Titan78 says you are probably over estimating your skill level. Racing AI versus racing real people is completely different. Nothing to do with your tune. Even on unbeatable you can manipulate the AI (bash/ block or whatever). Also the default Ram Rebel default tune is B class so it would be unavailable to select in an A class event. Only your A class tune

Like others have said I have never encountered this issue you say you have…