Tuner/Painter Status Legendary?

Does anyone know how the tuner/painter progression system works on FH4. Is there still a semi-pro, pro, legendary status? I seen a guy selling a Cadillac lemo in the auction house for 20 million. He was a level 5 painter. I’m a level 3 tuner and could only list it for 70k. I don’t see anywhere where it says if they still have that status. Not that I want to sell cars for a ridiculous amount but I like to have a goal with my tune downloads. Any info would be appreciated.

Not sure about painter, but i saw Level 6 tuners. So level5 maybe just unlocks the auction limit.
if they keep it like on the other systems i think there is no max level, it just needs ridiculus amounts of downloads and likes to progress.

Hmm I wonder what’s the best way to get the tuning level up, if making tunes is what ups your influence or getting downloads. I don’t think they would of made it where other people decide your influence.

Figured it out, the guy that was a rank 5 also had 65k downloads so that’s how it works still

I’m a level 5 Tuner and I barely have 1000 downloads. But I’d like to say is that I don’t get that ridiculous price in Auction

There has been no official explanation on how the new system works. And … it is a new system … it has changed from the system we’re used to. We are not sure if there’s still such a thing as the Freelance to Legend rankings.

I am in discussions with a couple of Playground people asking all these questions and am hoping to have some clear answers very soon.

I am currently a level 7 painter. It takes ‘painter influence’ to level as a painter and I have not seen anyone find it noted in the game how ‘painter influence’ is earned. It doesn’t appear to be based on downloads, likes and uses as in previous games because there are people with many more downloads than I have yet their painter level is not as high as mine is. My current status as a level 7 painter does not allow me to sell cars in the Auction House for 20M credits … so I do not know what allows people to do that.

I can tell you that I leveled up pretty quickly through the first 6 painter levels … but now that I’m level 7, it seems to be taking forever to reach level 8.

Have you just put up many different paintjobs for many different cars? You said you can’t tell exactly what gives you painter influence, and I’m trying to figure the same concerning tuner influence. I have 60 different tunes uploaded and about half as many downloads, and can’t seem to get past tuner level 3.

No. I am not one to spam the game with tons of the same paints on different cars. I have 32 shared paints in Horizon 4 that are all unique.

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I’m not implying you share many meaningless liveries, but if it were the quantity of the shared liveries which dictated the level. In my case, with a download to post ratio of 1:2 I’m curious if it’s the same case with shared paints.

Level 7painter with about 12k downloads. I can’t put items on the Auction House for the prices described :man_shrugging:

You have to sell cars with your paint jobs on them not anyone else’s

Looks like doesnt matter which level you are. You still need downloads. Seen tuner level 5 with, 70 tunings and 70k downloads selling for 20m.

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It’s probably 50,000 downloads and uses total like it was on Horizon 3. I reached Legenda status on Horizon 3 pretty easily it seemed like but I am having no luck on 4. I’m not a GOOD designer by any means but it still seems a lot harder to get downloads

have recorded my reward news and added all the values. Exactly at 50,000 I was able to adjust the price. Ranking is at level 5.


Exactly the information i wanted, thanks.

Only 48,600 to go xD


In Forza Horizon 3 , the share and unshare move, helped you to get more dowloads. Seems that is not working for Forza Horizon 4 now. There has to be a way to get the attention from people from our designs, since I’m not a bad painter. Something is weird on FH4, it’s gotta be a trick, I saw some of the designs of people who reached 50,000 dowloads and are nothing special about them.

Just to inform a bit in case you may not be aware … the unshare/re-share gimmick to get more downloads is looked down upon by most of the established painting community. And, as mentioned, the recommendation system is different in Horizon 4 … so it won’t make any difference in Horizon 4 as things currently are.

Yeah in fh3 you get almost allways some downloads when download new tune but way to fh4 shows designs and tunes nobody will notice those. And way how people have get huge amount of downloads even in very simple designs is that they have published those so early, like when watching recommended tunes pretty mutch all of them are made over month ago.

I talk yesterday during to forzas mixer stream with i think some kinda support guy who was talking with chat and he say there is being talking abaout how designs are being showed. But for my opinion legendary status is allready completely joke when some peoples have get legendary status by just simple color change just because they have get game so early.

I saw a bunch of Aventadors with 3 stripes painted and “toyota” label - 20 000 000 CR
Cool? No ))

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So this is just decided by how lucky you are? Lame. Everyone should be able to put whatever they want for the auction price.