Tuneing help

I haven’t play forza in 4 years and I just got an Xbox1 and everything I try hurts my drag cars if anyone will help I would really appreciate it even if it’s just a base tune on rwd fwd and awd just to get me back on the right track. Thanks

You might want to check this out…

In addition, you will see several threads in this tuning area regarding several comps that Maxwell’s Speed shop is hosting.


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Happy to help ya out man. Not the best out there, but i would be happy pass on what I’ve been shown and learned. I think I got your Xbox message. Crashing for the night. Next I am on I will look for you.

there is a tuning guide at the top of this forum

OP is asking for Drag tuning, thus, W0RM’s guide (great for circuit) will not be as helpful for request.


Is there a certain car you’d like to work on or just looking for a general guideline, base starting point?

Well there are a good few tuning guides available for general use, Worm has a good guide, sticky at the top of this forum and I also have one.

But in regards to a drag setup I don’t know how useful these would be.
I can only suggest what seem logical to me.
Min tire width on the front max on the rear with Race Tires, very little camber if any, 0.0 front toe -0.3 to -0.5 rear for stability, and a general stiff setup on springs and anti roll bars.
That’s about all I can think of right now, hope it’s useful.

I’m working on coming up with a post/thread that will be kinda like a build journal sorta thing that goes through my build and tuning process for drag racing.

I will never say I am an expert, there’s plenty of much faster guys out there, but I really enjoy building and tuning for drag and I think I can hold my own for the most part. Hopefully it’ll be of help to folks.

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