TTG Bathurst 4 Hour V8 Supercars

TTG Bathurst 4 Hour V8 Supercars
When : Qualifying Saturday 8th & Race 22nd July
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TTG Bathurst 4 Hour Qualification + Top 10 Shootout

Race Info

  • 1x 4 Hour Race
  • Simulation Damage
  • No Clutch
  • 7 cars of each make available Holden, Ford, Nissan.
  • 1 Safety car position available.
  • 2 Race Control positions available.
  • Flags in use - Green, Yellow, Double Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Chequered.
  • All Drivers must have read the DRIVERS CODE OF CONDUCT
  • Bathurst
  • Lobby must be full for this to go ahead.
  • 3 chat partys - 1st-11th & 12th-21st & Race control + Safety Car. race control will be coming into partys to notify you of flags or saftey cars. any incidents during the race should be captured and sent to or notify race control ASAP for review. if race control are able to see the footage before the end of race penalties may be handed out.

Race Night Setup

  • Strict start times AEST
    7:00pm - Lobby open, invites sent
    7:20pm - Race - Qualification Grid (collisions always on)
    11:20pm - Race Finish

Qualification Info

  • 1x 20 minute session (collisions off)
  • Top 10 Shootout
  • Bathurst

Qualification Night Setup

  • Strict start times AEST
    7:00pm - Lobby open, invites sent
    7:20pm - Qualifying session 20 minutes
    7:40pm - Top 10 Shootout start

Build Specs
Available Cars
-2015 Holden #22 Holden Racing Team VF Commodore
-2015 Holden #97 Tekno Autosports VF Commodore
-2015 Holden #14 FreightlinerRacing VF Commodore
-2015 Nissan #23 Nissan Motorsport Altima
-2015 Ford #5 Pepsi Max Crew PRA Falcon FG X
-2015 Ford #17 Xbox Racing Ford Falcon FG X
All cars are to be fitted with the following upgrades where applicable:

  • Race Brakes
  • Race Driveline
    All other upgrades are not to be installed.
    Drivers may tune their cars as little or as much as desired.

–Race Control–

  • Ssemper

–Safety Car–

  • JDM Savant

–Holden-- Race Valves upgrade for the Holden

  • Sleuth 101
  • GameYapper14972
  • Chopsticks666
  • J4mes1996
  • Logic Moot
  • Gunner sharkz
  • AsianS3nsatiion


  • Dektra
  • Clark Brats 22
  • WolverineANZAC


  • Mitch09
  • Jagdpanther0224
  • DeadorGone
  • FAA beefnachos

Reserve Drivers

only 11 spots available then we will take reserve drivers for any no shows

Dude!!! I would love to but I’m off on a Skiing trip on the qualifying day :frowning: Really keen to do a couple races with you guys.

I’ve got a mate who would absolutely love this he’s not on the forums but I’ll get him to add you through the Facebook page if that’s okay with you mate?

6 spots still available with unlimited reserve driver spots available if there are any no shows on the night