Trying to understand swaybares and racediff

since there isent a new rivals yet im trying to tune a civic,

now im having a hard time to understand what the setting should be on the racediff, at this moment i have set it like 95% both if i have understand it right this would meant its lockt for 95% however wen i drive it its like it isent lockt at all.
so how do your read the numbers ?
then the swaybars the higher the number the stiffer it is right ( no body roll )

i always messup under/oversteer so plz keep it simple.

something else, wen i spinout and ore take a left rurn the left front tire overheats …only that tire will do that … any explenation for that ?


Ill start with the Diff. There are a few ways to tune a diff. All of them can work however they rely solely on driving style. Some of the fastest guys i know run a diff at 80-20, others that are equally as fast run 15-35. I run mine mostly around 35-17. The diff controls the way the power is distributed to the wheels getting the power. In a RWD car when you are taking a left hand corner and have a locked diff (100-100) the rear tires will spin at the same speed (mostly) because they recieve equal amounts of power. Thats up to the ACCELERATION setting. The DECELERATION setting is noticed when you let off the gas and brake. It will determine how fast the wheels can move freely of each other’s speed. Lower ratings are more common for this. ei: Less than 45 on every car i have seen. It really depends one driving style because adjusting this will induce oversteer or understeer at different parts of a corner.

As for the roll bars. The reason the outside tire is heating up is because that tire is getting all the load. The load is the weight of the car. The weight shifts to the front left on a right hand corner and that will cause it to heat. Higher roll bars will keep the wheels across from each other linear. A looser one will let them be less linear. Once again how you run those bars is based on driving style and also the way the rest of the car is set up. Everything revolves around everything else in a tune.

thanks it helpt a bit.
now at spot 30 and that will be it i guess, cant find the right topspeed nore cant find the griplevel those toprunners has, i have the right set of power just not the grip keep burning the left front tire.
so afther 5 days off tring i give up, realy dont understand how ppl can have that topspeed and that griplevel on that track in C class.


Is this event a fwd event?

Word of advice: don’t give up.

I’ve been tweaking/tuning 4 C-class cars and have probably ran 100 laps at Benchmark and probably 50 more at Tsukuba long (my two primary testing tracks in which I test my builds). My C-class S14 Silvia finally hit the top 5% at Mugello short and that was after 8 laps. I don’t know what your times are but if you wish, try experimenting with other cars in that class until you find a comfortable ride. If you are wishing to remain with the Civic, try getting a base tune with some of the calculators out there and tweak from there.

If you like, hit me up. GT is burlngam. I’ll get to work on building a Civic and sharing a tune with you if that is something you would like to do. I spend a majority of my time building/testing cars to find that right ‘feel’. Good luck.

(err… I spend a majority of my time while on FM4 building/testing cars. haha)

thx for the offer, the reson i pickt the civic is only because i want to improve my time at this months rivel Bernese Alps - Stadtplatz rev.
i have made like 10 different tunes for it from max out grip to highspeed versions, the 5 that im trying to improve and keep running them have the same laptimes a staddy 1:46,2xx with only 1 that will do 1:35,7xx.
i just cant find the topspeed before turn 1 and i keep getting the same speed a the brids, wen looking at some replayes of drivers in top 10 my exitspeed last turn is higher but still missing top at the first turn.
if i lower wing i will burn the left front tire in the first turns so not a real option.


Ahh, the Burnese Alps… Now, I understand where you are coming from. I don’t know what it is but this track, I can’t get comfortable with. I’ve built 6 different cars toward this track and my times have yet to break the top 15% (my best is top 28%) I see what you mean with the top speed. I think it’s the elevation change that does it to me after hitting the steep decline. I keep sliding the rear end into the outside barriers after braking. I confess this is a tricky track for me.

you had to swap it to rwd…


Soften front sway bar - lower accel diff, and maybe soften front or front and rear suspension a bit should net you more mechanical grip.