Trying to find the colour Midnight Purple III

Hey guys been looking around as to where I can find the paint codes in Forza 5 for Midnight Purple 3(III)


In-game (found on another website)

I’ve been on the Google Document here: Forza Color Sheet - Google Sheets

But both Midnight Purple I/II don’t quite look right on Forza 5, so would anyone happen to know the in-game code (Hue/Saturation/Brightness) and what special colour I should use as a base?

Thank you for your time!

Hmm … the ones you have used from the spreadsheet seem like they would be rather accurate. Is it possible the differences in television image may lead to yours looking off? Maybe the folks in the Race Paint Booth or Fantasy Paint Booth would have a better idea. I do like that color; so, I hope you find the combo that suits your liking!

On Forza 4 the colours look good, but Forza 5 not quite, so the tv should be fine. But Midnight Purple 3 looks brilliant but it’s just not on the spreadsheet. I thought about trying the Racing/Fantasy paintbooth but I thought it’s more for designs than finding one colour. but I shall make a topic in both to see if I can find out what the colour codes in Forza are. :slight_smile:

You didn’t have to start another thread, seeing as its a painting problem you could have just asked for this thread to be moved over to the correct section…which is about to happen anyway. :wink:

Moved to fantasy seeing as you have the other one in race

My bad Windswept, asking a moderator totally blew over. thanks for moving the topic.

just food for thought…it may not look the same because of real life lighting vs game lighting as well as the settings on your tv etc.

I did:

Two-Tone Polished

H: 0.67
S: 1.00
B: 0.75

H: 0.79
S: 0.78
B: 0.45

Definitely not official or ahything, but that’s as close as I could get it.

Thanks for the reply speed7bump, will take a look in a couple of hours seeing as it’s 12 right now.

I went with speeds and it seemed too blue.

I played and come up with this. Keep in mind different tv and settings with make a,different


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Check my gallery. I’m gonna post a pic of it there. Tell me if that’s close at least

Use the fourth two-tone polished under “Special Colors” in from the right.

Midnight III paint colour

Base Colour:
Hue: 0.67 (L)
Saturation: 0.82 (L)
Brightness: 0.47 (R)

Hue: 0.92 (L)
Saturation: 0.95 (R)
Brightness: 0.48 (L)

Base color:
Hue 0.67
Saturation: 0.82
Brightness: 0.47
and highlight:

The OP of these pictures (on Reddit) posted these values in the comments.

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