Trying to find a league

Hey guys… looking to join a weekly league… never joined one before although I have tried to in the past with no luck…
if anyone has one going or starting and is looking for drivers or just point me in the right direction to find some sign ups
GT is xwednesday1313x
Yes I’m a huge Wednesday 13 fan :slight_smile:

Hi mate, check out Forza racing division on Facebook we host 3 series a week and also a time attack

We are about to start the 19th season of our spec racing series. We welcome clean driver’s of all skill levels. Information on the series can be found on our reddit page.

Read your reddit page… yes I’m def interested in your league… and the time frame for guys race is perfect for my schedule…
add me gt is xwednesday1313x

xwednesday1313x if you have a reddit account please comment in the rules and registration page with your GT, desired car #, and a team name. Otherwise post that information here and i’ll relay it to get you signed up. Welcome to the series.

We have a full website you can look into.
Our club has loads of different Race Series you can join.


If you’re available at 8pm GMT on Sunday’s, check out

(SSRC) Sun Set Race Club

BTCC Race action live on Mixer.

Sundays @ 7:45PM
Join now!!!

FB: @SSRCOnline

P.S stop spamming over my post please!

Who? Me?