Try the REAL "Autumn Community Championship" Today! Original route listing!

So have seen in various media negativity by some about the community championship. This is quite unfortunate because all three are good people I talk with regularly and experienced route creators. As such, here are the original routes for those that have concerns and would like to try them in their original intended glory! Pease remember that no race will suit everybody, so do not judge by preference, but by the intended experience.

Race 1:

D Class Offroad
Spring, rain
495 214 992

Description: A Run through wet grass with classic offroad vehicles. Mix of slides and jumps. While it may be D class, do not expect a flat out race as the low rating means traction will be limited on these still heavy vehicles. Veteran racers or people who prefer technical and high speed might find it lacking. Newer and younger racers to the series will find it low stress with smoother crests vs bouncy terrain, but the quick drivertars and slick surfaces will keep it from being easy.

Recommendation: Any stock D class. Will get the most enjoyment via a default build or mild only build in the grip.

Time as tested: 2m 49.787s with a pure stock International Scout 800A

Race 2:

Offroad Open (recommend B class, A class for high challenge)
Winter, Clouds
237 007 719

Description. Hop around through the coastal forests on the south side of the map. This is a thematic challenge map with checkpoints that at time can get tight as you dive between trees, or zig through the creeks. Visibility at time can be limited while you crash through the brush. However despite all of this, good checkpoint placement and planning will keep it you on the right path without being lost even if your first time. Above A class not recommended because the speeds will make rolling a factor in drivertar abilitities or even the player. However on B class, they run much more consistent and majority of players will be able to have a fun run bouncing through the underbrush. A class experience players will have more challenge keeping it on four wheels… or even two while attempting to keep up with drivertars, even the drivertars might have issues. However it will not detract from your enjoyment of the event!

Recommendation: A class or lower, as per above. Suspension travel and nimbleness will do more than power. A strong pull with good grip will be more important than top end as well as some upgraded suspension with all the bumps. Beginners or new players might want to try even an upgraded C class for fun bouncing through the trees.

Time as tested: 3m 30.950s with Ford Raptor A800 PI

Race 3:

Buggies Open (recommend A class or lower)
Winter, Snow
113 687 340

An up/down hill race in the northern Mountains. Start up on the ridge, race down through the valley and climb back to the line in this four lap circuit. A combination of bumps, twists and jumps really brings out the value and fun of the buggy class! With all the ridges, checkpoint visibility can potentially be an issue first time around, especially if playing first person. However nice and wide checkpoints with sweeping curves and generous spacing gives plenty of time and ease to quick glance map if needed and can easily correct without loss of time.

Recommendation: A class AWD. B class will make the downhill section a bit easier, but might find them lacking in power for the uphill. AWD is valuable with the fresh snow and hill climbing. Race is doable with S1, but typically S1 is top end of a buggy’s limit and a player might find themselves over-jumping if unfamiliar with course as potentially can drivertars.

Time as tested: 7m 1.040s with Penhall Cholla A793 PI

Conclusion: Well, for those that want some fun cross country that feels like cross country, here you go. Lots of fun, great for those of a variety of skill levels depending on your choice in vehicles. Have fun! I know I did when racing as creators intended b(^u^)d


I hear ya, and it wouldn’t be the first time the tracks picked for the community championship were marred by the dev’s selection of car class, division, or conditions. I’ve already stated my first impressions in the main thread, and that’ll do for now. It’s late here.

The river course was the one I hated the most, and you may be right; it may be better as a winter course in lower class cars. The narrow checkpoints though are often frustrating though, especially in offroad races.

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I’ll just paste the edit I put into the main thread here, re: Lands Unknown. The TL;DR is “I respect the effort and think the concept was neat, but it’s a terrible race course”

I just ran the original blueprint of Lands Unknown vs. Unbeatable with an A-class Raptor that I typically use in Online Adventure. The “surprise, you’re screwed” elements didn’t catch me this time because I knew they were coming but that doesn’t make it good design to use them. Unbeatable AI handed me the race by getting into a 3 car pileup on the tightest spot between gates in the river- again, poor design decision since your track is almost never going to get used by 100% human fields. The race was no longer competitive by the time the single-car-width gates came into play so I can’t comment on how they affected racing but I’d wager the answer is “very poorly.” Winter foliage made it so only one gate (that seemed pretty superfluous as it was wide and followed another wide gate almost immediately) wasn’t clearly visible, so there’s another tick in the “Playground made very bad decisions here” box. It’s a gorgeous route for a casual drive, might make an interesting time trial, but all the good looks and sounds-neat-at-first concepts can’t make this into something I’d ever want to race a field of other human drivers on, even on A800 in the intended season.


Am I missing the point ?
The recommendation for the routes above is to use a D-Class… or an A-Class (B-is Better)
The Autumn event was S1 extreme offroad - so doesn’t that make the routes a ball ache by going against the recommendation?
I did them but yes, they were a pain …not really ‘fun’ … so if you want to showcase community routes surely they should be ran at the class they were intended for?

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Just reposting what I wrote in the Autumn update thread (and Discord) here too:


Retro, read your reply and it means a lot, please pass along our thanks to everybody for understanding. If anybody on your side at all wants to come over and chat about the limits and versatility of custom routes, we are all more than happy to chat.

In terms of tweaking, we do understand that to fit a championship, sometimes a limit or change can be needed. Some folks might want it exact, but most of us are okay with some.

Rally and particularily cross country can be very sensitive to changes in vehicles or PI which was the issue here. Some, it can be as simple as a minor bump now flips cars or launches past a checkpoint. Even official routes are not immune. Example is a CC race (cannot remember name) on lego valley. S1 lego mini is so quick, there is a booster ramp that launches you over the turn. When I ran it, not a single drivertar finished the race.

In custom route for the contest, I have a race for the Impreza/Evo event that is a good example. I tried for two days to get S1 to make a turn. Changing checkpoints, etc. But at S1, they would slide in the snow and hit a building. It works great S1 outside of winter, But as set, A class is top end and noted on submission as such.

Overall, it can get very complex. Like rally racing a blizzard in the night. the lighting and weather become a big part of what makes that event unique. Changing that can change the whole experience potentially. Usually best not to change that.

The competitions are an exellent thing though and look forward to more. The way the most recent one was presented I hope works best. Get a range of races and a PI set by the events. If most races are A class, can have it that. We as players wont know if you originally were thinking B. :slight_smile: This also inspires creativity, as seen in our chats over the weekend.

The other two competitions we had did have a different approach. Second also specified cars, PI and type. so had a good range of routes all designed around what wanted.

The first event had a good bit of freeform with just race type and PI. Cars did change, but they all worked with race since races were designed for PI. My only concern with that first event came to my race “Knights of the Round” and the time change. Race is track toys in evening. Event was hypercars in the day. The hypercars side wasnt a problem because car type wasnt specified and hypercars were still fun and fully usable as hypercars. Problem was the thematic focus of the race was the edinburgh castle in the evening as it became night. So the change in time detracted from the main design concept of the event.

Sorry for wall of text and hope this helps with future. Like have said in the past, especially after routecomp2, It is a very power tool and community championships could be the shining star and most hyped part of the playlists and we like receiving, but also more than willing to help too.

You guys let us know what you want, we will blow your minds!


For anyone wondering what the original Offroad Rollercoaster looks like. Also shows the best way down the hill (stay left!!)


Look at my post count, please. I’m the quiet type, I don’t say anything unless I feel that I have something to add to the community.
Thank you for posting the original routes. The classes they were meant for explain why they’re so irredeemably terrible in the community champ’ship.
Props to the official course designers and the people who test those routes, as they all seem to have a nice flow to them and great checkpoint placement, no matter what class you run them with. The created routes in these events don’t always have that flow, but they’ve mostly been enjoyable until now.
This season’s community set is freaking horrible, and I hopped on to the intrawebs to see if maybe I was the only one that thought so. If so, I would have just shut up and gone on with my life. My opinion is not law.
I appreciate the powers-that-be going in a different direction with this set, as these are very technical routes. But I can see how they’re meant to be run in lower classes, instead of bringing a sledgehammer to a mallet party. S-class is faster, more exciting and more challenging to drive, no matter the route, but routes like this add value to my opinion that the lower classes can be just as much fun.
Please don’t be afraid to use lower classes for the community events.


Since a couple of series already, I feel like the “Community championship” should have been renamed to “Lol u is ded Championship”. It’s like people ran out of decent ideas for race routes and now just stuff the route full of trollish / scummy parts where you have to restart the same single race 10-15 times to learn every corner.

It took me well over 15 tries to learn all the corners at Laguna Seca, that downhill corkscrew is trollish! I guess Laguna Seca sucks because it wasn’t super easy the first time I drove it.


Nurburgring sucks even more, it took me like 50 tries to learn that track. Fuji Speedway I still haven’t learned after dozens of tries.

yeah most community made races are garbage… i mostly play the races i created myself, this is like the only fun i have in this game

FYI all 3 blueprints are now PG Editor’s Choice, so more people can try out the originals. I recommend A class for Offroad Rollercoaster.

There is a difference though between being able to drive a track and knowing a track. A custom route can be drivable but not necessarily known. The official routes are the same way. You dont get a competitive, flawless run on any route first time.

Heh Vaporisor! You were right about the original custom routes. Much more enjoyable. Didn’t roll, flip or crash once. Lol

Thanks to the new search tools, I just might get back into route creating (what’s discouraging is a lack of wall placement and no jump option but that’s another story).

Big thanks to playground for the changes they have made. The search options are fantastic.

I’ve tried afew of your tracks, Vaporisor. They’re great! Keep at it.

I have a couple of custom scrambles, including one at mud kickers scramble (it’s a bit long but not bad). Use A class. Don’t recall the share code but can search my gamertag and the track if people want to try it.

Thank you for the original routes.

First of all, I have to say I’m not very often here in the forums anymore, because several decisions made by Turn 10 and Playground Games to their games really frustrating me (I will not submit a ticket).
So I didn’t saw the negative comments to the community championship.

Unfortunately I had not much time this week and did most of the season on the last day.
I needed 20+ tries to finish this race on first place on very experienced difficulty, wich was really frustrating.
I almost rage quitted and smashed the controller (wich has only happened once in the last 10 years), but made it in the end.
But unfortunately too late because it was already winter season after the race (was the last one).
I got the car, but couldn’t do the last championship anymore, so I missed out on 100% in series 14 already, wich really frustrates me.

It’s really frustrating you have to do so many things every week or you miss out on completion, cars & other rewards.
I silently hope the new cars & content-output will end in the near future, so I can finally finish the game.
And since the “we force players to play as often as we want to get things”-strategy will probably get even worse in the next entry, I will probably not play it at all.
This starts to get work instead of fun.

But, I…lost my point a bit…sorry.
I just wanted to say, that I really hated the creator of the routes in this very moment of playing them, not realising that PG transformed them to bs with the decision to put S1 Extreme Offroad on them.
It’s pretty clear for me why they did that, the same reason why their streams and the game itself is made how they are.
Just wanted to say: Not only 14 year old hyperactive game pass-players play this game. Just saying.

Some off these championships really do suck thats why I hate seeing them in any series only reason I do them is to get the 80% lol only for that I wouldn’t touch them at all