True multi-colored wheels: black with any color lip!

I discovered this by accident the other day and wanted to share!

Start by equiping Rotiform NUE wheels. Next, go to the paint booth and paint the wheels. Use metal flake paint, option 3. Press X to select the base color.
(I forgot which order I did these in, so if you try this today and don’t get the effect shown, reverse the settings for base and flake color. I’ll double check and edit this later)

I set the base color to the following settings: Hue 0.00, Saturation 0.00, Brightness 0.00. This makes the center black.

Accept, then press Y to set flake color. For the red shown, I used the following settings: Hue 0.00, Saturation 1.00, Brightness 0.00. This makes the lip red.

To change the lip color, move the Hue slider to the desired color.

Other interesting combinations can be made, so have fun and good luck!


Nice! Think i’ll try this for the rcc promo car :slight_smile:

This is a great Discovery, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying this technique, as well as on other wheels.


I tried your technique, and it works beautifully. I think for the Base color, however, both Saturation and Brightness are set to 100.

Here is the result on my Hellcat.

Hellcat with Black Chrome

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Has anyone tried this with any other wheels? Pretty sure that there’s only a very small number of wheels where you can do anything other than just the standard single color.

Nice find !! Thank’s a lot :smiley:

Great discovery! Thanks for sharing.


If anyone was wondering, yes this works in fh4 aswell, havent tried all wheels, but works on some