True "Driving Since" info in gamer Stats please?

Hey guys n gals at Turn 10 - is there a way to show the real “Driving Since” info in gamer stats under our gamer tags etc

It only goes back to 2007, when In fact, many of use might well have been playing the game since iteration 1 in 2005.

We could supply a pic of our game screen if needed to validate authenticity etc?.. I’ve been loving the game since its inception as a “Release title” on the original Xbox, which I still own and play btw…

It goes back as far as 2005 if youve been here since 2005.

From your profile-page: You have been a member since: Sunday, March 04, 2007 :slight_smile:

While I still have my Forza one Xbox. I have been a proud owner since 2003, but did NOT create my “current” gamer tag until 2007 when I first found out about the 360 being built, and created a dedicated webpage aim completely at Forza 3. The site is now called

My previous and now forgotten gamer tag was Merlin53. But I let that slid once the webpage was active. That’s why I’m asking the ‘moderators’ to perhaps alter that “Driving Since” tag in some ppls gamer card profile. As this section is aimed at asking and addressing issues to ‘mods’ but certainly, constructive feedback is welcomed, that’s for sure on any forum.