Hang on…why is everyone getting excited about the addition of trucks in F7 like its something new? Has anyone even played F6? They were in last years game too!!

Because back in Fm6 you couldnt get a race set up on singleplayer with just the trucks. it was impossible

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Is there more than one truck? Because that would pique my interest.

Just the one for now, unless more get announced.

Also, how long before it gets banned from Multiplayer?

^^^^exactly what I’m thinking. And what Twist3dDrift3r1 said is also right on; let’s hope we actually get to use the thing in SP this time.

In fact, let’s hope that whole “unusable cars” thing has gone the way of the Dodo for FM7. What a joke that was.


I agree here. Sure, I can see why they made the giant Mercedes and Limo not usable in multiplayer, but I see no reason why they were excluded from single player.


Oh ok…well thats wierd. Bit like you cant get the AI to use limos in MP? Its just that everythings made to sound new? 30 locations…Trucks…3/4s of the cars weve had before. But dont get me wrong…im still buying it!

Don’t know how you know that. While I’m suspicious that will be the case, until it’s been confirmed by T10 I’m holding out (faint) hope that’s not what’s going to happen.

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Why does that matter? Of course the vast majority will be from FM6 and FH3. Not like 50% will be brand new cars.


Not excited by trucks one little jot !

When the truck was put out in FM6, I was excited until I found out that it was basically only usable as a hot lap car. Ive run it a few times just to mess with friends when they play Forza at my place but other than that its been collecting dust in my garage. It will be nice to actually have encouragement to work with it and race it in single player

I would assume they wouldn’t show trucks racing prominently in their promotions if trucks cannot be raced in game.


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We need stadium super trucks with ramps on the ribbon. Nice side option when racing with friends.