Trophy trucks = Huge pain in the butt

I finished all 6 series opening up Elite mode. I decided to go back to the Seeker series and work my way through unfinished events. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy doing the trophy trucks, but I had no idea I was going to absolutely hate it.

If those things really control like that in real life… what a nuclear meltdown. I suffered through all four races and hope I never have to sit in one of those trucks again. How have other people’s experiences been? Are there any other classes of cars that you just found drive you nuts?

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I didn’t find the trophy trucks that bad I was using the Raptor. However that polaris series …[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]


Yeah the Raptor Race truck is just a production Raptor with a different paintjob. Why they put it in there with the actual trophy trucks I don’t know. But yeah the trophy trucks sure do handle like crap.

The polaris is as easy to drive as any normal car with 30 seconds of suspension tuning.

I didn’t have that problem with the Polaris, but I also dropped the ride height as far down as I could.

That rolling piece of garbage (Polaris) doesn’t belong in Motorsport. I can overlook it being in Horizon but it just induces rage when I have to drive it with our Mario Cart reject drivatars.


Argh! I hated driving that thing! Drove me nuts.

LOL, I haven’t grinded out the trophy trucks yet. I will say, I’m really liking the current campaign mode because it forces you/us to drive vehicles we otherwise wouldn’t even touch, even if it’s a bit painful.

I finished the Endurance Race on Nurburgring last night (w/ the Civic Type R) on Unbeatable (came in 1st on the 7th lap) and it was a blast…really helps that the car handles like a dream.

I feel the exact same way, I think it was the Toyota Trophy Truck? Either way that was a tedious set of races, had all the horsepower in the world and seemingly no way to put it to the ground! However I have to agree with the poster above that the Polaris is far worse… nothing more frustrating that having the front wheels lift off the ground halfway through a fast bend and being tossed off the track! I will never drive that thing again if I can help it.

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I can’t for the life of me understand why in the HECK would T10 junk up the racing series with Trophy Trucks, Rally Cars and 4 wheel off rad utility vehicles… I guess it helped them get the 700 cars in for launch by copying FH3. Now if they would have added a few dirt tracks from FH3 yes okay. But no, g race a trophy truck at the Green Hell cause everyone else has right… Or a Rally car on Road America… Rally Cars should have had tracks as trucks should have… They do run some trophy trucks in Europe/Austrilia with jumps on circuit… But not FM7/T10 … It’s laughable the CRAP they’ve pulled.

I like the SP mod with the cars, good mixture god that we can make long or extra long races… But come one a H2 racing a RAM at Hockingham… Really T10

These trucks are only really in this game because of the Horizon series I suspect, they aren’t exactly at home on your average tarmac circuit. What did you use? I haven’t tried it yet and usually don’t like trucks but I did the domination off road and it was fun.

Key will be in the tune with them like it was for the trucks I used. Slam them down minimal on the ride height, stiffen up anti roll, springs etc significantly. Get the damper settings matched and they handled ok


I used that ridiculous Rockstar Trophy Truck, it might have been a Toyota. I left it stock because I refused to put even a penny into buying parts for it because I knew I would never drive it again. Wish I would have had one of those ‘regular’ Ford trucks to drive. I’m not buying any 4x4 s in this game unless I actually do decide to try to get every car in the game. I’m contemplating how much of a grind that will be.

The Raptors shouldn’t even be in the trophy truck category. But I’m guessing they didn’t have enough trucks to fill out the category. I did already drive the FE Ram Runner in one of the series events and found that it actually wasn’t too bad. Not that I will ever drive that again unless forced to.

Well I guess I better go get that Razor event taken care of. Hopefully everybody will have negative feedback on all these alternate vehicles and we can keep the Forza series to real cars on real tracks and leave the goofy rides for the Horizon series. My guess would be they just added it to this game so they could pad their numbers. They already had all the models and everything. Seems like a no-brainer for the marketing team.

Set the Polaris races to long and they’re fun.

I loved the Polaris series, tripoding is fun.

For the Trophy Trucks I used the 2016 RJ Anderson #37 Polaris RZR-Rockstar Energy Pro 2 Truck, that thing is a blast to drive, just keep it sideways through the corners. While the full blown trophy trucks are a little out of place, the Pro 2 truck is close to a Stadium Super Truck.

They would’ve been useful if Turn10 did a “Stadium Supertrucks” sorta thing by adding ramps and occasional obstacles around the tracks, but they didn’t. I bought the RJ Anderson truck cause I enjoyed driving it in Horizon. BIIIIIG difference in Motorsport. I got in my Mini Allraid and aced those races with ease. Yay homologation!

Also, the RJ Anderson truck is one of many that have issues with visuals and physics. Next to no suspension travel, and the front wheels don’t turn. AAA Quality! Too busy worrying about loot boxes.


Me used the Mini was quite good after tuning and tightening up the suspension and sway bars and then I got a wet race and what a disaster zero grip zero steering and zero brakes was like driving on an oil soaked road with slicks.

I bought one of the trucks and ended up not using because it handled so horribly. I ended up using my mini xraid instead. I actually really enjoyed the Polaris series. I set the races to long and found the combination of the short tracks and fun little razors quite enjoyable. I guess to each his own.

My gripe with the Trophy Trucks is that the trucks in the division aren’t even trophy trucks. For one, the Ranger T6 is a raid truck, and so is the MINI, the RJ Anderson is a Pro 2 Truck, and the Raptor Race Truck is literally a stock Raptor with some cool paint. The only real trophy truck in the division is the F-150. What’s worse? You know that Toyota T100? For whatever reason, it’s not in the Trophy Trucks division, instead, “Forza Specials”.

I know most won’t care, but I really want to know what was going through Turn 10’s mind when they made “Forza Trophy Trucks”, because it’s wrong in so many ways.


If it aint a car, it ain’t fun…

The Ford Raptor is what I used. Wasn’t that bad. Only a few instances in the couple races where it was hard to control, but I heard bad things from the real trophy truck. Also that Polaris was awful.