Triple Monitor Issue

Hi All,
With my 1080 GTX, I have enabled the Eyefinity Surround option, but when I launch the game, and choose any resolution, the LEFT and RIGHT monitors come to life for a second, and then turn off, leaving me with only one single display. When I choose the Native Resolution, but nothing happens.

All other games run in triple monitor with no issues.

Please help.

I am having this same issue.

I have a 1080 and will have the game run on 3 monitors, but only show an imagine in the center monitor.
I’ve tried in game settings, but it is limiting me to 3840 x 2160. I’ve tried native resolution as well, but no luck.

The NVidia GeForce experience does not even recognize FM7, but does see my Horizon 3.

Any help? tips?


The left and right monitors will stay black until you start driving, then they come to life.

Here is my triple setup from Driver’s view in a Ferrari 250 GTO on Sonoma.

When you are not driving, only the middle monitor will be on.

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Nice setup